Letters - March 27, 2015

Fleetwood Town stadium
Fleetwood Town stadium
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On Sunday, March 22, I organised and ran a six-a-side football tournament for cubs from Wyre District.

The event was held at the new training ground for Fleetwood Town FC and I cannot praise enough the help we got from the club.

In particular Mick Horsfall who worked above and beyond what we expected.

He helped pre-tournament, provided equipment and 
acted as referee throughout the afternoon.

More than 50 cubs played on the new pitches and were full of enthusiasm for the wonderful facilities.

It is great to see Fleetwood FC supporting local young people and the community, and hopefully many cubs will soon be seen supporting the team at Highbury Stadium.

Mark Wood

Rochford Avenue



Health care

In November following a regular check up with Michelle, my chiropodist, now based in Station Road, Lytham, she spotted a tiny speck on my big toe and quickly booked me into my GP as I had what has turned out to be a diabetic ulcer.

Unfortunately since then an infection hit the bone in my toe resulting in my finding a fantastic set up within the NHS.

My care has been superb from the outset with consultant microbiologists Dr Sharma and Dr Guleri and my diabetic consultant Dr Qasi giving me the opportunity of having treatment in fantastic satellite clinics running in our area .

I attend seven days per week at the iv (intravenous) clinic at South Shore where the staff are friendly and very caring and meticulous in their work to have daily iv antibiotics and twice weekly blood tests monitoring any changes.

I go twice a week to podiatry at Ansdell for dressings .

Apart from regular check ups at the diabetic foot clinic where changes and scans etc are booked and regular reviews with the microbiologists, these clinics are in daily contact with the whole team looking after you.

I also attend anticoagulant clinics who have seen me regularly even if I show up unexpectedly.

I would just like to say how fantastic these units are that can keep people becoming unnecessary in-house patients taking up beds which until recently they did.

I’m so pleased our area has been chosen in the first wave in the country to get things moving in the community.

I would just say we have a head start but need to promote these outstanding clinics and their heads using all clinicians within the health service including GP surgeries and hospital based medical staff to forward clients on to them.

Use or lose. (P.S. my treatment goes on but is improving).


By email



Last Saturday members of 38 Degrees Blackpool Fylde and Wyre went into town with petitions to Save the NHS from further privatisation.

We soon collected around 200 signatures, but it remains the case there are many people who have little or no knowledge of the NHS privatisation, since the present government passed the Health and Welfare bill three years ago.

Intending the NHS to be run by commercial companies, who have nothing to do with health care, is astonishing, but it is sad that ignorance of the privatisation deals leaves people powerless to object.

One nurse working for a private hospital in the Midlands told me the company had issued the staff with new contracts, which significantly changed their conditions of work and cut wages.

Commissioning groups run by GPs are forced to put NHS services out to tender, leaving the potential for all NHS services to be sold off.

Hinchinbrook Hospital tried to bill a Welsh patient £1,700 for his operation as he was ‘technically a foreigner’! The trust apologised later that the bill was a mistake.

The main question though: how does this happen in a free at the point of use health care system and can we have faith in companies like Circle Holdings, Lockheed Martin or G4S, driven to make profit out of the sick who obviously have a charging mechanism ready to extract money from patients?

Marjorie Nye

Knowle Avenue



Rip off!

I was interested to read Robin Duke’s column ‘Enough on our Plates’ (Gazette March 25).

My biggest gripe is the cardboard cone in which chips are served.

They get fewer and fewer as you eat them until you are left with one chip in the base of the cone. What a rip off.

Malcolm Boyce

Deepdale Road