Letters - March 25, 2015

Those who abuse the blue badge system beware!
Those who abuse the blue badge system beware!
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In response to A. Newman (Your Say, March 23), it sounds as if he is a little jealous of Blue Badge holders.

However, I know that myself and all my friends who are disabled would be happy to give up our Blue Badges if we could have our health back.

I’m sorry for A. Newman because he or she cannot park where we can.

There are a lot of disabilities that cannot be seen and a good many stand out.

This council do not just give anyone a badge. You must meet all the requirements laid out by the Government.

We know in the past some people have got a Blue Badge they haven’t a right to, this is no longer the case.

If A. Newman should become disabled, then you may be more understanding.

I became so in my late 40s. I had done Army service, becoming a sergeant, so I was at one time a very fit man.

Now I live with pain 24/7 and it’s not nice. But there are still some worse off than me.

I do hope you do not end up like me and many others who become disabled.

This badge is to help make our day to day life a little better.

Mr Geoff Mann





I am looking forward to a busy week ahead of police community engagement.

Saturday March 28 from 1pm I will be attending the Great British Dog Walk at St Annes Beach to invite residents to sign up to our ‘In The Know’ free messaging service from Lytham St Annes Police including our new dog watch scheme.

Advice, support and of course reassurance will be on offer to residents and visitors alike.

Monday, March 30, I will be hosting our regular Fylde Community ‘LGBT’ Friends Coffee Morning with St Annes Police at The Railway Hotel (wetherspoons) Station Road, Lytham from 10am to 12 noon, where the LGBT community are welcome to come along and engage with local police for advice, support and reassurance and indeed meet new friends, enjoy perfect coffee in friendly surroundings.

Wednesday April 1 I will be hosting a police community open surgery at The ‘Just Good Friends’ Group Coffee Morning at the People’s Palace Community Hub on Garden Street St Annes where I will be engaging with the popular friendship group offering advice, information, support and reassurance from 11am to 12 noon.

Thursday April 2 I will of course be running our popular Farmers’ Markets police community open surgery in St Annes Square, St Annes, from 11am to 1pm where myself and PSCO Adam Bond will be meeting residents and visitors.

All are welcome to come along to these events. For further information please do not hesitate to contact me, Andrew Noble, Police Community Volunteer on 07738 622 823 or email andrew.noble@lancashire.pnn.police.uk.

Andrew Noble

Police Community Volunteer



I agree with the comments of a local reader, the traffic flowed much easier when the lights at Plymouth Road roundabout were turned off.

They have been on again for just over a week and nothing has changed with dozens of motorists speeding down Poulton Road to the lights, gambling on nothing coming from the right and jumping the lights on amber and in most cases red.

Traffic pulling away from the outside lane, right hand turning only speed off and cut in to go straight on, both cases accidents waiting to happen.

Have the police and council addressed these situations with their recent surveys of the lights?

Name and address supplied

locations by the sea!

Piers sale

It was most informative of the agent offering for sale Central and South Piers (Gazette, March 19), to say that they had “prominent foreshore locations.”


Warbreck Hill Road