Letters - March 12, 2015

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No foresight

Having read in The Gazette the proposed resort masterplan (Gazette March 9), I am unable to understand why the powers that be have completely ignored the most important project that has been missing in Blackpool for many years.

All the time we read of ridiculous suggestions, including a four star hotel sited at the rear of the Talbot Gateway buildings, on the peripherals of Blackpool’s red light area, (who wants to stay there?) or the totally unnecessary tramway extension along Talbot Road, thereby removing much needed footfall from the area and the proposed white elephant new hotel.

Mexford House

Mexford House

But do we read of a purpose built conference centre ? No.

Do we read of a much needed bus station? No

Why not I ask. The answer is simple , our councillors don’t have the foresight or the courage to pursue these much needed facilities.

We read of development of the Central Station site but no mention of what that development will be.

Well here’s a suggestion that would solve a number of problems in one go.

Forget the ridiculous tramway extension and save £18m. Forget the proposed hotel which will be in totally the wrong location, thereby saving a few more millions.

Build a conference centre on the Central Station site together with a four star hotel, which would be required by visiting dignitaries

Also include a bus station on the same site within a short walk to the Houndshill Centre, which has an added bonus of clearing the congested town centre roads of endless bus queues.

Then councillors you could really pat yourselves on your backs and show us, the residents that you really do care for this great town of ours.

Will it happen? Of course not. Efficacy (the ability to produce a desired or intended result) is not a word our councillors are familiar with.

Ron Strangwick

Rough Heys Lane




The back yard of the fracking ‘NIMBYs’ appears to extend to the whole of the country.

Mike Hill has worked tirelessly on behalf of both the Fylde and UK to provide technical input to the largely unpublicised cross parliamentary report ‘Environmental risks of Fracking’ that was published on January 26.

The report recommends another fracking moratorium - ‘A moratorium on the extraction of unconventional gas through fracking is needed to avoid the inconsistency with our climate change obligations and to allow the uncertainty surrounding environmental risks to be fully resolved’.

The report appears balanced and is not categorically opposed to fracking. However, the report, clearly identifies that is not appropriate for fracking to proceed in the immediate future anywhere in the UK.

That is the report advocates the whole country into being ‘NIMBY’s.

The Environmental Audit Committee that is responsible for this report comprises of about 20 cross party and cross country MPs.

The conclusive advice of this committee has been clearly disregarded by the central government.

If ever there was a time to protest at this unacceptable behaviour, it must be at the forthcoming May General Election.

Mike Hill has seemingly been provoked into standing as an independent MP for the Fylde by the despotic actions of our current Houses of Parliament.

He has provided his technically advisory services to the Fylde for free over the past five years.

I suggest the local electorate consider backing our local ‘David’ against the ‘Goliath’ of central government.

Richard Parker

The Brooklands

Wrea Green


Not fair

Mexford House being exempt from business rates (Gazette March 7) proves it’s not what you know it’s who you know.

I own a business in Cleveleys and I applied for a rates reduction but got no joy.

The valuation officer came and it took almost eight or nine months but it was a waste of time.

I would like to know how did a big company get exemption and people like us, through this recession, still are suffering.

Our concern is at least they should review the current business situation and reduce the rateable value for the businesses .

Temporary arrangements will not be helpful. If nothing gets done, there will be more vacant shops in the near future.





I read with interest a letter regarding Andy Higgins’ election campaign in Blackpool South (Your Say March 5) until it came to the end where it stated ‘name and address supplied’.

Surely if the author felt strongly enough to give us his or her words of wisdom on the subject, they should have the courage to allow their name to be published.

Terence Irving

Cunliffe Road