Letters - March 11, 2015

Blackpool  trams.
Blackpool trams.
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Since the new trams have been operating, there has been a marked effect on traffic flow in Cleveleys.

The five sets of automatic traffic signals from the junction with Fleetwood Road and the Promenade, through Cleveleys centre, to the junction with Rossall Road and Cumberland Avenue, are programmed to turn green in favour of the trams.

The result being a lengthy interruption to the flow of vehicles in both directions along Fleetwood Road, the Crescent, and Rossall Road, in both directions.

The problem is compounded when two trams travelling in opposite directions cross this area, as the cycle of change to the traffic signals for the minor roads at the junctions mentioned, takes longer to allow the main road traffic to make progress.

This is already a significant problem off season, but it will obviously become much worse during the summer season.

As a local resident, I have experienced more than once, a tailback of vehicles from Rossall School to Cleveleys centre when driving from Fleetwood.

There is a strong case for re-setting the timing of all these automatic signals, and trams need to be obliged to comply with the same rules as other traffic, otherwise, in the high season, Cleveleys centre will most certainly be gridlocked.

Wyn Jones




I am the Green party election candidate for Blackpool North and Cleveleys.

My email box is now full of petitions and questions of what I will do if elected, all thanks to change.org, 38 degrees and numerous charities, with subjects from tax evasion to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), an EU/US treaty.

If this is just a taster, how can MPs have a full-time job and be a part-time MP?

After reading up about this treaty, I agree with comments made by chef Jamie Oliver that we don’t want tight EU controls relinquished when it comes to growth hormones in our beef, or chicken washed in chlorine or banned pesticides and food additives.

John Warnock

Green party candidate for Blackpool North & Cleveleys



I still can’t believe that men working on a high rise platform do not wear a crash helmet or hard hat.

In 1986 I was parked up in Market Street, Blackpool, when a double decker bus caught the jib of a high rise platform, bursting the hydraulic pipes.

This caused the platform to drop, catapulting out the two men who were putting up Christmas lights .

One man landed on the boot of my car. He survived, but the other one died some weeks later.

I was reminded of this the other day when I saw men putting up lights on the Prom and I felt I should bring it to the attention of health and safety officers.

John Pilkington

By email


10 minutes

Measures set for introduction by this summer will see drivers granted a 10-minute ‘grace period’ before being fined while parked in a bay.’

There is a simple fix for local councils – reduce all the paid periods they now have by 10 minutes but keep the same tariff.

Keith Hallam

By email


Worse off

There are around 1.8 million workers on zero hour contracts according to an Office for National statistics report last month.

There will be tens of thousands of these contracts in existence in the North West.

As the economy has recovered the figures show these casual contracts are not on the decline but booming.

This type of contract is now standard in some sectors such as social care .

These Victorian style contracts put all the power with the employer with individuals not knowing how many hours or how much money they will get from one week to the next.

On top of this one in four North West workers are paid below the living wage and workers in the North West are around £90 a week worse off on average as a result of pay remaining below inflation.

We don’t need posturing politics from Cameron and the Tories like threats of more restrictions on the right of trade unions to take industrial action that help no one, but we do need action on casualisation and zero hours contracts.

Those of us in the trade union movement should support every attempt of workers through their trade unions to win collectively better agreements and terms and conditions that can roll back the zero hours culture where the opportunity arises.

But we should all also be demanding of politicians that they address this issue urgently with legislation and demand to know their position on this scandal as the General Election approaches.

Tony Wilson

UNISON National Executive Council (NEC) member, North West Region