Letters, June 8, 2019

Protesters during the US President's State Visit
Protesters during the US President's State Visit
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The words ‘Nazi’ and ‘Fascist’ have now lost their meaning


The horrifying reality of the Nazis can be seen in Auschwitz today, where it is clear that the considered decision to extend the truck railhead from the camp gates into the camp itself, near the gas chambers, meant that they could kill more Jews in any given day.

They increased the numbers murdered to 4,500 a day.

The videos released showing anti-Trump protesters attacking Trump supporters in London, shrieking “Nazi Scum” as they were jostled and pushed to the ground, pensioners included, shows the new raw reality of our politics.

The use of the words “fascist” and “Nazi”, appropriated in virtue-signalling opposition to populist policies, shows not only a contempt for democracy which destroys dialogue and debate, but also a profound genuine ignorance of our history.

The Mayor of London, describing President Trump in those terms, beggars belief.

Are we so really ignorant of the reality of fascism? So unaware of our history?

The sacrifice of so many we remember and honour this D-Day Anniversary is smeared by those who use the freedom - bought with their sacrifice - with such contempt.

In this divided country, the home of modern democracy, can we melt the snowflakes and begin to listen to others, or are we so ignorant of our past? It is time to respect democracy, or it will be lost to the mob.

Keith Punshon

via email


Vast majority of us welcomed Trump

I am shocked and saddened to witness the revolting and ill-mannered way that Labour bigwigs were insulting President Donald Trump, the democratically-elected leader of our greatest ally.

I do not recall them demonstrating in a similar manner against the previous visit of the President of China, the world’s largest and most powerful unelected Communist dictatorship.

It is patently obvious to anyone with a modicum of common sense that these anti-Trump demonstrators would prefer to be allied to the brutal unelected Chinese regime than to a truly decent, democratic nation like the USA.

If Jeremy Corbyn and his comrades are ever in charge of our beloved nation, we can look forward to a Soviet-style government, secret police and Tiananmen Square-type justice.

I hope the President was not too offended by the actions of the loony left but will realise that the vast majority of decent, hard-working British folks were delighted to welcome him and his wife to our country.

Long may our special relationship continue, especially now that we may be about to escape the tyranny of the EU mafia.

Dick Lindley

via email


How could we vote for Corbyn now?

Jeremy Corbyn wants to be UK Prime Minister. How could we possibly vote for him when he leads a rally against the visit of our greatest ally the President of the United States of America? Surely this shows a lack of diplomacy we could never allow our PM to have.

Hilary Andrews

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Next PM should scrap the BBC

The CBI has warned the next leader of the Conservative Party not to leave the EU without a deal. Well, they would, wouldn’t they?

I wonder if the millions they receive every year could have persuaded them to reach this conclusion?

The EU are secretly terrified of a ‘no deal Brexit’ which will hurt them more than us.

The CBI has never got a forecast right in 30 years. Remember their prediction that if we didn’t join the Euro we were doomed?

We would have been had we followed that advice.

The best thing to do when the CBI offer any advice is to do the opposite.

Also, the next Prime Minister should think about scrapping the BBC. It has 150 managers who are paid more than the PM, and more under-managers than they know about.

As they are so pro-EU, they are acting against the interests of the people who pay their obscene wages.

Terry Watson

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Production was streets ahead!

We must say what a brilliant and professional show of 42nd Street it was we watched at the Grand Theatre. From the leading lady to the youngest chorus member, it was a truly spectacular performance fit for the West End. The singing and dancing were outstanding, well done to each and everyone of you and I eagerly await your next production.

Irene Smith