Letters - June 28, 2019

Coun Tony Williams, Leader of the Conservative group on Blackpool Council
Coun Tony Williams, Leader of the Conservative group on Blackpool Council
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Result is proof that the tide is turning

Now that the dust has settled after the local elections, I would like to thank everyone who voted Conservative and made our candidates the popular choice in Blackpool.

We managed to gain five more councillors in our group and together with our independent colleagues we are just four collective votes behind labour in the council chamber which means together we have a much stronger opposition to this Labour council.

However, the most encouraging result in these elections was the fact that despite not winning enough seats to take over the council the Conservatives actually won 2,000 more votes than all of the Labour candidates.

This is most encouraging and proof that the tide is turning.

We will pledge to work with the Labour leadership and already some Conservative members are Chairing important committees and holding more seats on panels etc. We will also continue to challenge any issues we believe to be detrimental to the town’s future and work independently to bring improvements to our economic stability. My thanks again to the people of Blackpool for their support.

Coun Tony Williams
Leader of the Conservative Group Blackpool Council

Can’t opticians see importance of loo?

I am wondering why in this day and age companies such as Specsavers do not provide customer toilets for customers who may be at an appointment for any time upwards of an hour.

I myself was recently at the Blackpool branch and was told to either go across the road to the coffee shop, (I didn’t want a coffee) or go into the Houndshill shopping centre.

I did ring round other Specsavers and was told that while they do not have customer toilets they will, if a customer is desperate, provide a staff toilet.

Have they really so little concern for their customers?

Surely toilets are an essential for older people, people on water tablets, pregnant women, children - well everyone sometimes, when the journey to get there can take a lot of time and when your appointment runs into one hour plus.

If they can’t see this then it will take more than going to a Specsavers to get it through.

Maybe by being made public they may find a small cupboard somewhere in their branches to turn into a customer toilet?!

Mrs M Groves

We’re being relegated

If Brexit never happens, even with Boris Johnson as Prime Minister (whom I think is most likely to make Brexit happen), then I would compare the EU referendum result, in favour of leaving the EU, to a football team’s promotion.

Unfortunately, this team has been relegated back down again because the club just hasn’t the money necessary to hold their own in the higher league.

I compare the lack of a big enough majority in Parliament to deliver Brexit to insufficient funds to be able to compete in the higher league. We’re being relegated straight back down to a colony again rather than staying up as an independent nation.

What a flash in the pan and an embarrassment.

R N Coupe
Address supplied

What are the real benefits?

Aside from the oft repeated mantras of “taking back control” and “restoring sovereignty”, I am curious to know what real, tangible benefits I can look forward to from Brexit? If anyone can enlighten me, I would be very grateful.

Phil Cray
via email

What are your VE Day memories?

In May next year, many countries throughout the world will commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe, popularly known as VE Day. Events will be held over three days, May 8, 9 and 10.

Next month I will be asking the Garstang Town Council to join with other local organisations and produce our own programme to mark the occasion.

If you have war-time memories or ideas how we might remember the events of 1945, please contact me at rogerwilliambrooks@outlook.com or ring 01995 601995.

Roger Brooks
via email