Letters - June 21, 2018

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Upskirt ban block MP should be ashamed

Sir Christopher Chope OBE MP has shown the true face of the Conservative Party.

He is a member of the Conservative Way Forward yet uses methods which show that is not his direction of travel.

He constantly (along with Philip Davies) blocks Private Members Bills - Bills that would take us forward and bring the laws up to date in this century.

He is making the UK the laughing stock of Europe. His attitude belongs in the past.

The people in his constituency of Christchurch must be aware that the Conservative majority in that area means that they can put anyone up as a candidate no matter how ridiculous, ignorant and self-centered, safe in the knowledge that they will be elected.

They did and they have. True to form he has also objected to almost everything, except taking money from the public purse with his expenses claims.

Parliament needs to bring in a new law to stop this sort of behaviour.

No wonder this country is suffering and yet the MPs seem to think that it is a jolly jape. I object to the behaviour of this dinosaur and the way that he manipulates events to suit his own personal agenda.

They should hang their heads in shame.

Terry Bennett

Dinmore Avenue


Blue badge fine 
has been paid

I would like to thank reporter Louisa Gregson and The Gazette for printing the story about my wife’s blue badge parking fine recently. Unfortunately the council did not rescind the fine and I have paid it.

My wife has Parkinson’s and has been in Victoria Hospital for a few weeks, she is now out and at home. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff who looked after her so well.

I would also like to thank rapid response, the district nurses and all the Blackpool carers for their fantastic help in our hour of need.

Frank Fineman

Via email


Rail plea has 
been ignored

It is now more than a week since the magnificent editorial that your newspaper and many others collectively published on the dire condition of the rail service here in the North of England, yet the sensible proposals you made in that article have still not become the policy of any political party.

With strong local, national and international support from across the political spectrum, it had already been my intention to contest the North West Durham constituency at the next General Election.

In the hung Parliament that will certainly result from that election, the price of my support for any Government would include the implementation of the scheme that your editorial outlined, which would of course benefit the whole of the North.

In the present parliamentary situation, we need to be prepared for a general election at any time. If anyone might be in a position to help in any way (and, let us be frank, the primary need is for cash), then contact davidaslindsay@hotmail.com.

David Lindsay

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No incentive to become a nurse

While welcoming the much-needed income of doctors and nurses from abroad, I have to think that there isn’t much incentive for our young to train as nurses.

After three years spent qualifying, they are left with debts of around £50,000. This includes £9,000 per year fees plus living expenses. Try going for a mortgage with that round your neck.

We know they don’t start repaying until their income reaches a certain amount. This will come round a lot sooner than they think.

So why don’t the powers that be reduce the fees to something more realistic.

T Walker

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‘Cafe to become place for minority’

I was disappointed to learn of the proposed changes at Lowther pavilion Cafe after completion of the building/park modifications.

The existing park cafe which serves able, disabled residents, visiting families etc with freshly-prepared, home cooked food at reasonable prices, will be converted into a high priced restaurant for the minority.

We have an abundance of this type of eatery within Lytham already.


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