Letters, June 14, 2019

Lenin. See letter from Dr Barry Clayton
Lenin. See letter from Dr Barry Clayton
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Lies must be revealed and then condemned

One of the many disturbing aspects of politics today even in countries that pride themselves as being purveyors of the truth is the frequency of lies that emanate from politicians.

All political parties are guilty. The referendum campaign, for example, was on both sides replete with lies and deliberately manufactured misleading promises. Research studies show that such underhand behaviour undoubtedly affected the outcome.

The same nonchalant approach to truth is surfacing in the Tory leadership campaign. Claims are being made by contenders that cannot and will not be fulfilled.

The public reaction to this is deeply worrying. Instead of condemning such behaviour outright it appears to ignore or even condone it.

Far too often the media accept flagrant lies particularly from senior politicians without question.

Political success based on a tissue of lies has, historically, been the preserve of totalitarian regimes of the extreme left and right. Lenin (pictured), later echoed by Stalin, remarked that ‘a lie here and there oiled the wheels’. Goebbels wrote ‘ the bigger the lie, the better the lie’.

Deliberate untruths by our politicians should be publicly revealed and condemned.

Dr Barry Clayton

Thorton Cleveleys


Perfect choice for the Tories

After studying the form of the drugged, the toffs and the crazy in the contest to lead the Conservative Party, my conclusion is that Boris Johnson is the perfect choice. His record is second to none and he ticks all the right boxes.

As a journalist, he was sacked for making up stories.

As a politician, he proved his incompetence as a terrible Foreign Secretary, managing to increase the jail sentence on a British national in Iran through his misplaced comments. As Mayor of London, he wasted taxpayers’ money buying water cannons which were never approved for use and sold at a huge loss. Tick.

On Brexit, he flip-flopped between opposing and supporting Theresa May’s dodgy deal, changing his mind more often than his socks. During the Leave campaign he made much of the promised £350m for the NHS but now intends to spend £9.5bn a year on tax cuts for the already wealthy. Tick. His guiding principle has been to secure personal advantage at every stage.

At the start of the referendum campaign, he had a speech for and against Brexit in his pocket as he calculated which route to take to benefit his political ambition. Tick. As a soft southern Tory, he used his conference platform to sneer at Preston and its community wealth building strategy.

Born with a silver spoon in his mouth and now, as an even richer Old Etonian, he has no idea about the lives of ordinary people. Tick.

As I said, a perfect match for the Conservative Party.

Mr D (Dennis) Smith

via email


Living a full and active life.. for life

Physical inactivity in later life is one of our country’s greatest health challenges, with around 6.4million physically inactive older people in England today.

Physical activity can reduce the risk of dementia by 30 per cent so we urgently need solutions that encourage exercise that is suited to older people, to improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

Encouragingly, Anchor Hanover’s research shows 76 per cent of older people wish they were more physically active. That’s why new initiatives like 10 Today are so welcome. 10 Today is an innovative new programme, launched across the country to increase physical activity among older people through short 10 minute exercise routines that can be done almost anywhere and at any time, and are broadcast free on the radio and online.

We’re proud that our customers and colleagues are bringing together hundreds of people to try 10 Today in a community setting and now we’re now calling on the public to embrace the many benefits of staying active and give 10 Today a try.

Everyone should have a chance to live life to the full, regardless of age.

Jane Ashcroft CBE

Chief Executive of Anchor Hanover