Letters - June 12, 2017

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Big brother watching you on weekly shop

I want to protest about the Aldi supermarket in Cleveleys. Indeed many of us shop at these premises. But be warned there could be hidden costs of shopping there.

I shopped in Aldi, Cleveleys on May 26. A bright and sunny day, purchased my goods, put my vehicle registration into one of the screens and walked out to my car. Well this is where it all went horribly wrong - which I did not know at the time.

On my way to the car I bumped into an old friend who I had not seen for some time and had a good old catch up. We said our goodbyes and proceeded to the car to take me home. As I started the car up my mobile phone rang. It was an important business call I was expecting and which lasted approximately 20-25 minutes. I wasn’t paying attention to the time. Why should I?

But there was something watching me. A car park camera which monitors cars entering and exiting the car park.

Six days later I received a letter from the car park company to state I had outstayed my alloted time by four minutes. Parking is restricted to 45 minutes.

My question is this? Can every single member of the general public do all their shopping in there within 45 minutes. No way!

Aldi is not always as cheap as you think. Beware ‘Big Brother’ is watching you do your shopping.

S Jackson

Clifton Close



Who was right.. UK or New Zealand?

If nuclear weapons deter nuclear war, what are nuclear fallout shelters for?

They are only for top people – at the top of politics, army, navy, air force (and their kids and grandkids?)

The rest of us – 65 million people – will be outside those shelters being blasted by nuclear bombs or killed by radioactive dust poisoning us or causing cancers to kill us.

If a shelter is planned for 1,000 people, with food, medical supplies, fuel and water, what happens if 1,000,000 people go there?

It would be standing room only, no space to lay down (so they sleep standing up?)

Not enough food for all of them, so the guards would have orders to shoot dead anybody who did not have a pass. We would be killed by our enemies and our own people!

New Zealand does not allow American warships into its harbours because they might have nuclear weapons on them.

If there is a nuclear war at that time, the harbours could be destroyed by enemy missiles and millions of New Zealanders could get killed.

New Zealand people are safe because they do not have any nuclear weapons.

British people are told that they are safe because they do have nuclear weapons.

One of them is wrong.

Which is wrong?

If you thought there will be a nuclear war next week, seven days, where will you and your family prefer to be – Britain or New Zealand?



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Don’t tar all of us with same brush

I am an American, here on holiday and, like most Americans, I am appalled at the self-serving tweets by President Trump following the latest London terrorist attack.

Please do not tar all Americans with the Donald Trump tar-brush.

The majority of Americans do not support President Trump in this or most of his other agenda items.

If the British people understand that President Trump is a bombastic, insensitive, even incompetent egomaniac who got elected because the Democratic party had done a deal with Hillary Clinton, the only candidate who could have lost to Donald Trump, then perhaps they can ignore his rants and raves.

After all, during the 2018 elections, if the Republicans lose enough seats in the House of Representatives, they will desert Trump like rats deserting a sinking ship – and that will put an end to this disgraceful period of American history.

WE Feeman

Maryland, USA


Past policies are clogging up system

Don’t those politicians who say the NHS cannot function without foreign workers realise why we need them?

The cause is because of the large number of people of foreign descent taking up beds.

This is particularly true in maternity hospitals where many babies born have at least one parent who was not born in Britain.

Unfortunately our past open door policy is slowly clogging up every public service with sheer numbers of people.

Surely this cannot continue?

B Crowther

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Proud but fearful 
for our Brexit deal

I could not be more proud, 72 per cent of young people got out there and voted in the General Election.

However, this pride is juxtaposed with feelings of worry.

I am concerned that a hung Parliament may turn into chaos and Britain may not get a good deal.

Many youth voters chose Labour over Conservative, chose a politics of idealism and of hope rather than a politics rather stuck in the status quo.

In your negotiations, do not forget your constituents.

Do not forget those of us who voted for you, whether we chose Conservative or Labour.

We need you to represent us and make this country strong, stable, secure and prosperous.

This vote shows one thing, party politics now has no overall rule.

We are a nation undecided, perhaps divided.

We need your leadership now more than ever and do not let us down. Make us all proud to have used our vote this year.



Queen’s Young Leader

Social Entrepreneur