Letters - June 10, 2019

Should Ann Widdecombe be allowed to speak at the Lowther Pavilion?
Should Ann Widdecombe be allowed to speak at the Lowther Pavilion?
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Not all supermarkets waging war on plastic

Today I called into a supermarket, one I have used everyday over the past 20 years.

I called in to get one or two tomatoes and a small amount of mushrooms for a steak meal this evening.

After spending what felt like an eternity looking for the boxes that contain loose mushrooms and tomatoes, I gave up and asked a member if staff knew where the boxes were.

This member of staff informed me that they only stock them pre-packed now, mostly across the range, with the odd exception of things such as swedes etc.

At least 90 per cent of what was on offer to buy was in fact contained within plastic containers sealed with plastic film.

I was under the impression that supermarkets were waging war on plastic and were passionate about eliminating it as much as possible.

It seems that this supermarket has failed to sign up to this.

It is beyond a joke. I will no longer be shopping here until they sort this out.

Richard Padfield

via email


Deplatform Widdecombe!

For the attention of the Chair of Lowther Pavilion:

We came to the Pavilion this evening with the intention of watching The Favourite. However, we decided not to stay when we found that you still intend to give the stage to Ann Widdecombe next week.

It is rather surprising and very disappointing that you will give space for someone who has recently made harmful and hurtful homophobic comments. Quite a number of other venues have rightly cancelled her show and so should you.

I am well aware that we live in a society where free speech is valued but there are limits to what is acceptable in 2019.

This area has a very proud LGBT history and this weekend happens to be Pride weekend in Blackpool.

Although it will upset some people and create extra work for your staff, I would like to think that you will do the right thing and cancel her show.

Andy Hilton

via email


Friendliness up and down coast

We spent the last week of May in St Annes.

The week before our holiday we were alarmed by a TV documentary describing violent crime and drug taking by youngsters on the Fylde. We decided to press on.

What a pleasant surprise we had, conductors on the trams and taxi drivers were unfailingly polite and smiling.

We saw no crime on the streets of the resort, Lancashire friendliness and kindness is shared by the general public up and down the coast from Starr Gate to Fleetwood Ferry.

Perhaps Blackpool should make its own documentaries describing the sunny disposition of its inhabitants.

Blackpool rocks!

Our family is coming back next year.

The Jones Family



Verges mown at wrong time

Why have councils and landowners taken to mowing roadside verges just at the vital time that ground nesting birds and insects use these areas for breeding?

Surely the same law that is there for hedge-cutting should apply?

The beautiful much-needed wild flowers and grasses are ruthlessly cut down, destroying everything – nests, young mice, voles and hedgehogs to name a few, leaving behind unsightly brown debris.

Are these people lacking in understanding of wildlife conservation – or do they just not care?

K Umpleby

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