Letters - June 1, 2019

Has anyone had anything other than a bad experience with Universal Credit?
Has anyone had anything other than a bad experience with Universal Credit?
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Never seen such an appalling system as Universal Credit

In response to your article concerning Universal Credit, claimants being really pushed to the brink.

A relative of mine is currently working on Universal Credit and says in all the years he has been a civil servant he has never been involved in such an appalling system.

The staff are pushed to the limit dealing with abusive calls and also dealing with desperate cases, some of which are suicidal, where staff have to phone the police in the hope of preventing a tragedy.

The managers, especially the senior ones are no help whatsoever.

Statistics being their main concern, if a claimant has no food and no money the staff are instructed to tell them to go to the food bank.

This is utterly disgraceful in this day and age.

Then there are evictions which shouldn’t happen.

The old system whereby rent was paid directly to the landlord, worked perfectly well and prevented evictions. But the government in their “wisdom” decided otherwise.

Universal Credit is a total shambles and people are suffering because of it.

The party which promises in their manifesto to banish Universal Credit, will get my vote and many others’ votes I should imagine.

J. Norman

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Celebrate Rainbow Trust on Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, on 16 June, I will celebrate every second with my sons Arthur, Marcel and Eddie, because I know how lucky I am.

In 2017, my family’s hopes and dreams were blown away when Arthur, then eight, was diagnosed with leukaemia. Ordinary life disappeared in a flash. Suddenly we had to find a ‘new normal’. We could only plan for the next five minutes, the next step, the next test or the next hospital procedure.

This experience, however, changed us for the better. We have met so many amazing people, including Janet, our Rainbow Trust Family Support Worker, who has been an essential part of Arthur’s recovery.

Supporting the whole family through highs and lows, we could not imagine coping without her.

She took away the worry about getting to hospital appointments, she entertained Arthur while we discussed treatments with consultants, and took Eddie to fun hospital activities.

We have lost some courageous children along the way, so we celebrate everything now, including Arthur’s ‘end of treatment bell’ anniversary. We are really grateful that he’s had what feels like a second chance.

Join us by celebrating Rainbow Trust this Father’s Day and visit rainbowtrust.org.uk to find out more or make a donation.

Roy Styles

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity


We won again... so when’s next vote?

Now that the Brexit Party have won the most votes in the European elections, will we be having another vote because we didn’t know what we were voting for again?

Howard Rainbow

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Thank you from Bruce’s family

The family of the late Robert ‘Bruce’ Allen (The Gazette, May 25) would like to thank all who have sent cards and flowers and for their kind messages of support.

Also thank you to the community matrons for their care towards Bruce, and to the paramedics and to the A & E department at the Victoria Hospital.

Sincere thanks to Mr Fred Barnes for his lovely ministration and to Jack Hollowell for the dignified funeral arrangements.

Ann Allen



Are they refugees if they stay here?

With reference to Refugee Week later this month.

Are they actually going to go home when it’s safe? Or are they staying indefinitely now? They aren’t real refugees if they stay forever...

Paul Wignall

via email