Letters - July 8, 2019

Destruction of the planet
Destruction of the planet
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So much worrying news... so little action

The report by the UN on the uncertain prospects for human existence on the planet will probably not come as a surprise to readers of this newspaper.

Doubts about the future and the reliability of those who are in control of it are regularly expressed.

The need to tone down the war being conducted against nature, and instead begin respecting natural wisdom, has repeatedly been advocated.

And the conflict between those who believe the priority should lie in the rewards gained through unlimited economic expansion, and those concerned with what the world will be like when their newborn baby reaches the age of 16, have also been communicated.

Each day brings another item of worrying news.

Record temperatures; the continued destruction of this planet’s in-house air-conditioning system - the equatorial rainforest; the consequent increase in the size of deserts, some expanding at the pace of a galloping horse; water shortages; the loss of topsoil; yet another crisis relating to survival of the cod...

Yet, politically, there is vacillation, as if to identify such problems and agree the need to rectify them would appear naive.

Martin Powell

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Walk to fight against cancer

Netflix’s Sex Education star Connor Swindells and TV presenter and walking enthusiast Julia Bradbury are encouraging the nation to host their own Walk Together to raise money for Bowel Cancer UK and help fund the charity’s vital services and lifesaving research.

Your sponsored walk could be a special route in your local area, taking place in September.

It’s a perfect opportunity to bring people affected by bowel cancer together to show support for those undergoing treatment, remember loved ones and raise funds to help stop people dying from the disease.

Alternatively, people can take part in a sponsored virtual walk where you can complete five miles in your own time, anytime, during the month of September.

Connor Swindells, whose family has been affected by bowel cancer, says: “Bowel cancer is the UK’s second biggest cancer killer but with your help we can change that.

“As a patron of Bowel Cancer UK, join me in supporting this wonderful event by organising your own memorable walk to bring everyone affected by the disease together.”

Bowel cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the UK.

Every 15 minutes someone is diagnosed with the disease, that’s almost 42,000 people every year.

To sign up to receive a fundraising pack with everything you need to hold your own special or virtual walk, visit: bowelcanceruk.org.uk/walktogether

Natasha Tidd

Bowel Cancer UK


Life’s hard enough - leave the foxes be

Re: Jeremy Hunt promises vote on legalising fox hunting.

Life and survival is hard enough for foxes and all wildlife, with all their green spaces being built on.

Let them survive, the best they can.

Bev Davies

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School rules are there for pupils

A school headmaster applies his school rules fairly - rules meant to provide the best care for pupils and to enable them to achieve success in their GCSEs.

So three pupils decide they know best and “skipped a revision class”, not just any day at school.

Mr Corbyn, the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition, applauded their decision, as apparently did 5,000 people who signed a petition pressuring the school to overturn its decision.

Where does this leave the headmaster and the rest of his staff as they try to run their school in the most efficient and caring way?

Enid Hanavan

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