Letters - July 4, 2019

Should the water companies be renationalised?
Should the water companies be renationalised?
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We need to take back our water!

John O’ connell of TaxPayers’ Alliance told the Gazette last Wednesday that nationalisation will not work, at the same time it was reported water industry monopolies have drained the public of £6.8bn pounds in just five years on the 30th anniversary of privatisation.

The nine water companies in England pocketed £1.2bn last year alone while letting 2.5bn litres of water a day pour into the ground through leaking pipes, a quarter of the treated supply.

Southern Water was charged £126m last week by OFWAT for fouling up its statutary treatment duties including dumping untreated polluting beaches, rivers and streams as well as the deliberate misreporting of data.

The chief executives of England’s privatised water companies trousered a whopping £68m in salaries and benefits - but customer bills have increased by 40 per cent.

It’s a complete disgrace and time the Government did something .

Workers, the pubic and our water stocks will be better off if we take back water into public ownership. Water is a natural monopoly that people have no choice but to use. I remember water and sewage disposal services were run on behalf of the public by elected councillors prior to confiscation and privatisation.

Royston Jones



Should poachers come under fire?

Every year, more rhinos and African elephants are being killed by poachers than are being born. I think it very reasonable that poachers be shot, to prevent extinction.

Arthur Quarmby

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Tv licence issue important at polls

Following on from several excellent letters about TV licences, I find it incredible that the Tories do not yet appear to realise that a General Election is likely only months away and that their inaction over this very heated matter will, in all probability, sink them – quite apart from the many other matters which they choose to ignore.

Now here is a thought. If you wish to receive Virgin or similar channels you pay a fee. By the same token you should be able to opt out of BBC channels and therefore avoid being stung by them. The technology is obviously there.

Alternatively the BBC might consider reducing the salaries paid to some of their so called stars and executives. My wife and I were one of the few million pensioner licence holders to receive a letter from TV Licensing telling us, in effect, nothing other than the supposedly good news that if you are on Pension Credit then you will not need to pay. This utterly pointless exercise will doubtless have cost a million or two. Never mind, it is only money!

Bob Swallow

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Famous words from Churchill

About a dozen Conservative MPs are prepared to vote down the Government if they were to pursue a ‘No Deal’ Brexit.

They should be reminded that Theresa May’s deal was rejected three times.

So, can these MPs explain why the real prospect of a Government led by Jeremy Corbyn and possibly propped up by the SNP is preferable to ‘No Deal’?

Churchill once corrected a rookie MP who referred to the opposition as the ‘enemy’.

“No”, said Churchill. “The enemy is behind you.”

It seems not much has changed.

MW Nicholson

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I hope all assets will be considered

I have read with interest somewhere, regarding the so-called divorce proceedings between the EU and Great Britain, that the grand sum of £39bn is to be paid to the EU.

I hope that all assets will be taken into consideration – such as buildings in Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg.

Philip Baggaley

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