Letters - July 24, 2019

There's some good news for hedgehogs....
There's some good news for hedgehogs....
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The British Hedgehog Preservation Society is thrilled that Communities Secretary Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP has announced that house builders will have to include hedgehog highways in new developments.

Hedgehogs are being given such attention thanks to the petition BHPS spokesperson Hugh Warwick, set up with change.org - which now has 583,000 signatures. He met with Housing Minister, Kit Malthouse MP, to ask him to add a condition to planning guidelines requiring hedgehog highways be included in new developments.

The fact that we have got the government to change planning law is a great victory for hedgehogs and also for the wildlife-loving public who put their considerable political muscle behind this campaign.”

The announcement said that: “From submitting proposals to councils to then building new homes, house builders should think about the long-term impact of their developments on the local ecosystem, both during and after construction. This includes greater emphasis on using innovative ways to allow nature to thrive alongside people.”

We have been campaigning to protect hedgehogs for 37 years now and this is one of the most significant breakthroughs we have had. Hedgehog numbers are declining dramatically - and house building is set to increase dramatically. New developments, rather than further damage vulnerable hedgehog populations, may actually encourage them to flourish.

Fay Vass

Chief Executive

British Hedgehog Preservation Society


No help for those helping our town

In response to Stephen Pierre’s letter in the Gazette on July 22,

I too feel that he got no support from Blackpool Council, for the Blues and Jazz Festival, despite raising a substantial amount for Trinity Hospice.

Stephen managed to find very talented musicians to take part in the festival and I am disappointed that it had to finish.

Yet the council can find £68,000 to fund the Pride Festival but turn their backs on people like Stephen who tries to make our town a better place.


Carol Mooney



A clown leading us to the abyss

Boris Johnson is an accomplished actor who has fooled enough Tory voters to give him the keys to No. 10. They will soon regret it.

Johnson has won because he has promised to end the EU circus by 31 October. He will only do so by leaving with a no deal,

Everyone with a knowledge of economics, international trade and the real world has warned that a no deal will be disastrous for this nation. It will cripple the economy of Northern Ireland.

This not scaremongering, it is fact. An incompetent clown will lead us over the cliff into the abyss. Watch his supporters melt away when this happens, and it will.

Dr Barry Clayton

Thornton Cleveleys


Stop repeating the official line

Who believes what we are told by the national mainstream media in regard to matters of foreign affairs, especially in regards to war and reasons for going to war?

I think the majority of us sadly do, including the journalists who are meant to be critical thinkers challenging authority, not just repeaters of the official line. The real global terrorists are us, the West, picking off countries in the Middle East since the turn of the century.

Harry Francis

via email


Thank you for all your help

I’m writing to say a big thank you to the police, Blackpool Victoria Hospital and Blackpool Council, in particular the lady on reception, the Registrar’s Office, and finally the lady in the Adult Social Care section.

I was trying to track down a friend who I hadn’t heard from in about 18 months who lives in Blackpool.

Everyone I spoke with was so helpful and kind and I am pleased to say I have managed to track him down and hope to visit in the near future.

It’s heartening in this day of frantic running around that all the above people were so helpful despite the constraints of GDPR and I wanted to write a general letter of thanks to all concerned.

Judy Owen

via email