Letters - January 9, 2019

Hundreds of protestors joined an anti-fracking rally and march at the Cuadrilla Preston New Road site near Blackpool.'The march prepares to set off.  PIC BY ROB LOCK'20-10-2018
Hundreds of protestors joined an anti-fracking rally and march at the Cuadrilla Preston New Road site near Blackpool.'The march prepares to set off. PIC BY ROB LOCK'20-10-2018
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We don’t want to be victims of this gamble

When fracking in the UK was first advocated, it was believed that, with North Sea gas production falling, the country could be hostage to rising energy prices.

Six years later, things are very different.

New sources of gas from the USA and central Asia have become available, gas prices have halved and there is no shortage of supplies in Europe or across the world.

European demand for gas has also proved much lower than predicted.

In addition, over the last five years, the cost of energy from solar and wind power has halved, and this diversity protects our energy security.

Shale gas in the USA can be cheaply extracted from vast reservoirs such as the Marcellus field and the Permian Basin.

However, the geology of Britain is very different: shale fields are small and scattered, making fracking much less productive and more expensive.

The capital expenditure required even to begin drilling operations, together with the much lower likelihood of success, makes fracking in Britain barely economically viable – especially when it has to compete with falling energy prices.

Yet despite these hard facts and against the will of local communities, the Government supports the fracking industry.

Manchester is now opposing fracking. Scotland and Wales already have moratoriums in place.

We don’t want to be the guinea-pig victims of a commercial gamble that could well backfire.

Peter Williams

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Be careful what you wish for...

Remainers should be careful what they wish for with a second referendum.

I meet a good number of people who voted remain before and would now vote leave. They dislike the ‘overpaid unelected bullying of the Napoleonic’ Tusk, Juncker and cronies - also their rudeness to the British PM.

That 27 nations agree must mean any deal is a bad deal for the 28th – us.

Strangely, some folk have realised they are proud to be British and really do think we should be answerable solely to our own courts.

Some mothers are not looking forward to their children being conscripted or volunteering for Macron’s EU Army.

And yes, I know the Scottish – despite 311 years of English subsidy – voted to remain. That the cities of Scotland experienced boom sales of Croatian T-shirts when England played Croatia tells you all you need to know.

Corbyn might yet be the remainers’ saviour – though he is clearly better at opposing policy than proposing policy, other than the already failed dreams he shares with ex-communist colleagues with the socialism of the 1970s and before. Votes for 14-year-olds upwards might help remainers. Educators have ruined generations with Blair’s socialism, and intolerance for other than their own opinions. History might be rewritten to suit them. A second referendum might not be the result that Remainers expect.

John Bank

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Priorities are 
lost in space

Sadly I am at a complete loss as to what benefit it is to mankind for NASA to fly a probe past a mass of ice and dust four billion miles away in space.

It will have cost billions of dollars and many hours of research.

Surely there are projects here on earth or near space that would be of far more use to the human race?

One never ceases to be amazed at what scientists can waste money on.

Peter Hyde

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Whatever happened to Don Creddy?

He was a schoolmate with me and an evacuee. I feel guilty by not keeping in touch with him. At nearly 92 I thought I should make the effort, with your help.

Gil Higham



Soap life seems 
to be just the job

I enjoy watching Emmerdale with my mum.

But I’m amused as to how many people in a small village find work easily, often being offered employment by someone they know. I wish that kind of thing had happened to me over the years!

Tim Mickleburgh

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