Letters - January 3, 2019

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Parking should be free in England too

I’m visiting from Scotland which has the compassionate policy of free parking hospitals.

How can the authorities justify charging already suffering people who have no choice but to attend hospital?

Imagine someone in excruciating pain rushing to A&E.

Before they can get help they’ve to find and ask strangers for change or go to the nearest shop.

How about a family spending the last days or hours with a dying parent or child? Is their situation not already hard enough without profiting from their suffering?

It is yet another example of how this shameful parking policy is dehumanising, heartless and putting profit before the people hospitals are meant to serve (which we are already paying for through our taxes).

People attending dialysis have no choice but to visit multiple times a week.

For patients living on a pension or benefits, £30 to £40 a week is a lot to lose.

How cruel to take this money from already vulnerable people.

There is no earthly reason why parking in hospitals should be free in Scotland and not England.

It is a simple question of priorities, and showing some basic humanity.

The current situation is shameful, unjustifiable and should be changed immediately.

Mr Val Morgan

Doune, Scotland


An air of secrecy hangs over council

The reputation of Wyre Council is being dragged down by some Members of the ruling Conservative group.

The Wyre Council 
website lists some councillors who do not provide their home addresses and others who do not provide their home phone numbers.

There are two senior members who do not even live in the borough, and yet it is claimed that the rules allow them to list a business address or a correspondence address.

What is clear is that it does make it difficult for residents to contact these members and this practice also rides roughshod over the openness requirement of the Councillor Code of Conduct.

Residents have also complained to me that the phone voice recognition of officer names is ineffective and so makes it difficult to access certain officers.

All this gives weight to the accusation that a stench of secrecy hangs over Wyre Council.

The time for a change of culture is desperately needed and I call for this change to be made.

There are many decent Conservative councillors who I know agree with me and I call on them to be part of the solution and not be part of the problem.

To paraphrase it only needs one good person to look the other way for the rotten apples to taint the whole barrel.

For the sake of our residents it is time for change.

Peter Gibson

Leader Wyre Independents


Brexit: Reasons 
to be cheerful...

All indications suggest that 2019 will be a wonderful year for our great country. Although, as ever, all is not perfect, there are still many reasons to be cheerful.

There are a record number of people in work in Britain; our economy is growing and is the sixth largest in the world; our military budget is the second biggest in NATO; the United States, Japan and Australia all want to do free trade deals with us once we leave the European Union, and Forbes has recently concluded that we are the best country on the planet to conduct business.

However, the positives will never be enough for those diminishing few who want to subvert the will of the people and keep us in the European Union. Be prepared for the professional tantrum throwers to whip up fabricated and outlandish scare stories over the coming months.

But do not be fooled, it is the final kicks of an ailing campaign of fear, which nobody is falling for.

Although I dislike Theresa May’s deal, I still predict that we will leave the EU on March 29.

Moreover, when we wake up the following day, the sun will still rise, the Earth will still turn, and the trains will still run.

There will be no water shortages, no planes grounded, no absence of life-saving drugs and no army on the streets; regardless of what certain politicians and journalists say.

The only difference on March 30 is that we will have taken back control of our own destiny as a proud, sovereign, nation state.

Onwards and upwards!

Paul Nuttall

North West Independent MEP