Letters - January 28, 2015

One life-long season ticket holder explains why he is boycotting Bloomfield Road until the Oyston family has departed
One life-long season ticket holder explains why he is boycotting Bloomfield Road until the Oyston family has departed
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Dismay at running of club

No more

I am 53-years-old and have been a season ticket holder at Blackpool FC since my father first took me when I was aged five.

I, along with my wife and eldest son were among those who bought a two-year season ticket, not primarily because of the financial incentive or the now-ludicrous ‘Riga Revolution’, but because that’s what I do.

I go to Bloomfield Road and meet my two mates who I have been going with since we were at school together, chat about the football and arrange to meet at the next game, win, lose or draw.

My dad was a season ticket holder since he came to Blackpool in 1955 and following his death 11 years ago, my mum insisted it was only fitting that his ashes be buried at the Kop end, and why not... it was his favourite place and it would guarantee a visit by his family every two weeks.

On Saturday, however all of that will change.

The well-documented mismanagement of the club will see me pay my last visit to Bloomfield Road until the Oyston family no longer have any connection with the club.

I know they have had my season ticket money and probably don’t care whether I turn up or not, but what they have managed to achieve in a relatively short space of time, is that I no longer care what the collection of loanees and freebies achieve.

That is something that even in the dark decades of the 80s and 90s, I never remotely contemplated, as it was my club and my team.

We were hopeless but at least we were honest. We didn’t have fans of other clubs approach us and offer sympathies for the state of the club.

I noticed at the Wolves game last week, that the epitaph ‘Glad to have helped’ was prominent within Molineux in tribute to Sir Jack Hayward.

Unfortunately that will never apply to the Oyston family.


Moorland Avenue


Support animal rescue


With all out local sanctuaries full of animals waiting patiently for a new loving home, may I please ask readers who are thinking of adopting a new pet to make these havens their first port of call.

If it’s a cat or kitten you want, there are plenty to choose from at Cat Rescue, Cats Paws and Furry Tails. Easterleigh has everything from hamsters to horses.

By adopting from a sanctuary you are helping not one but two animals as re-homing means there is space for another unfortunate creature to come in and have a chance of finding a new home.

Please understand these animals have lost their home through no fault of their own.

Their owner could have died or have been made homeless, or maybe their financial situation has changed.

All rescue pets settle into a new home if they are loved and made to feel welcome, and they will reward you with unconditional love for the rest of their life.

Josephine Harwood

Moor Park Avenue


Can you help historian?

Case studies

I am an historian specialising the area of war and religion and am currently writing a book about the Christian experience of the First World War, to be published by Pen and Sword books later in the year under the title ‘Fight the Good Fight: Voices of Faith from the First World War.’

I am also in the process of compiling information for a companion volume on the experiences of Christians of all denominations during the Second World War.

If any readers either served in or lived through the Second World War themselves, or have information regarding a family member who did so, I would love to hear from them.

The books are intended to be a series of 2,500 to 3,000 word case studies of individuals for whom Christian faith of any denomination played an important part in their experience of the period from a variety of perspectives.

John Broom



Votes are vital


With respect Mr Benfold’s response to my letter of January 16 appears to have missed the point, which is if you do not vote for Labour or Conservative this will, as he states probably result in a hung parliament/ or coalition.

Therefore it is imperative that your vote goes to Labour or Conservative (your choice).If everbody did this there would not be a hung parliament/coalition.

Jack Gledhill

Gainsborough Road


Thanks to hospital

Good care

We hear a lot of bad comments about the NHS.

Well I would like to comment about my recent stay in Blackpool Victoria Hospital where I spent eight days on ward 11.

I received excellent care from the doctors and nurses, right to the cleaners, and the food was also good.

They were short-staffed in some departments and did a very good job in the circumstances.

Stella Michie

Balmoral Terrace