Letters - February 29, 2016

Winter Gardens, Blackpool'View of the Coronation Street entrance
Winter Gardens, Blackpool'View of the Coronation Street entrance
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There are many community heroes

What a terrific gesture by the two plumbers who have come to the rescue of an elderly resident who has no bathroom due to his original plumber gambling away his cash.

It’s great testament to the real community spirit that still exists in our neighbourhoods, when all too often we read about scams and con men operating in our town.

The generous spirit of these two local tradesmen is both heartwarming and admirable.

As I visit all areas of the town, I hear about good deeds and meet unknown community heroes. I congratulate them all for the work they do, and would encourage everyone to help others whenever the opportunity arises.

It’s good deeds like the one highlighted that put genuine residents on pedestals above those who drift through this town intent on taking rather than giving.

I hope their business flourishes.

Coun Tony Williams

Leader of the Conservative. Group Blackpool Council

Councillor for Anchorsholme


Lucky to have such a great heart unit

What a fantastic cardiac centre we have in Blackpool, we should all be really grateful.

My husband recently suffered a heart attack and the caring and professional treatment he received was absolutely wonderful.

I would also like to say how fantastic the ambulance staff were.

Susan Smith

Bangor Avenue



Fur fad shows we’re going backwards

Regarding London Fashion Week, which took place last week, I have heard that real fur has been making a comeback. I’m not just horrified, I’m confused as to how this has happened.

There are fake – some very realistic – alternatives available. Do real fur wearers not realise this?

Fur is not a by-product of meat (which leather is), but animals are killed for one reason only – their skin. After all, who has ever eaten fox or mink?

Of all the things an animal is killed for, fashion must surely be the most meaningless.

And no, real fur wearers, it’s not in the remotest stylish, beautiful, or luxurious.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I say anyone who knowingly wears real fur must be a rather unattractive person.

We’re living in 2016, yet sometimes I fear we’re going backwards with our moral attitudes.




The Winter Gardens need a scrub-up

The magnificent Winter Gardens is just that as described in The Gazette, but you would not know it approaching it up Coronation Street.

A magnificent building that needs a scrub-up. You would think it was deserted looking from the back of Debenhams.

Why let it go in to such disrepair?

Kevin Gooder

Clinton Avenue