Letters - February 28, 2019

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Food advice has got me really cheesed off

It was reported from a study with a Czech Republic university that eating baked potatoes puts us at risk of coronary heart disease, after decades of being advised they were the healthier option.

So, what’s this recent report (Benefits of Dairy, The Gazette February 25) that consuming dairy products is now better for us - after being told for years we should keep off dairy as much as possible. Once again, new research has supposedly discovered eating plenty of yoghurt, cheese, butter and milk could stave off a heart attack because, say scientists, they are rich in saturated fat, protecting against cardiovascular disease.

Do you know what? All these so-called studies contradicting their initial claims of ‘it’s good for you’ then ‘it isn’t’, or ‘it isn’t but now it is’, has got me cheesed off!

Clifford Chambers



A ‘joke’ too far on the exit from EU?

We have all heard a lot of rubbish and most of us are sick and tired about Brexit.

But sometimes people go too far.

Please do not print any more long boring letters like that from Julie Moss (Your Say, February 26).

Phrases like: “It doesn’t matter which way we go, soft, hard, deal or no deal. All you need to know is that the rich will continue getting richer and the poor will continue getting poorer, and will continue bombing other countries (slaughtering children and women in the process) either directly or with our UK-built weapons, all under the banner of the war against terror”, have no place in your columns and merely take up space which could be filled with better, shorter, jokes.

Mike Picewicz



Extend EU exit to April Fool’s Day

Based on Theresa May’s botched Brexit negotiations, an extension to our departure date appears likely. This is quite acceptable, as long as it is moved to what should have been the appropriate date in the first place - April 1st.

Denis Lee



Make a friend 
and a difference

Do you like meeting people? Can you talk with people and have the patience to also listen to them? Do you have a hour or two a week to spare?

Then the voluntary Sitting Service is looking for people just like you. Please give them a ring on 476884.

You could make a friend, as well as making a huge difference to the family and carers who look after their loved ones 24/7.

Jennifer Roberts



Policing morale is at an all-time low

I sometimes meet a serving police officer socially.

Being a retired officer myself, I chat to him about the job. He says that nobody seems to care much about standards due to lack of support from the Government and the bosses.

The CPS refuse cases for court and order cautions much of the time. Morale is at an all time low. I can well understand why things have reached these low standards, taking into account the massive reduction in police numbers, and financing, the Government has imposed on the service. Thank you, Mrs May, for putting lives and property at risk.

Peter Hyde

Address supplied


Don and Jong Un are really one...

I wonder if Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un will remember that we are all part of an infinite consciousness having a subjective experience, and move to peace when they meet in Vietnam, or will their bloated egos and the hidden hand push them further into the dark realms of Machiavellian brinkmanship?

I suspect the latter.

richard tandy