Letters - February 17, 2015

A classroom.
A classroom.
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Ofsted woe

Unfair blame

Is it fair to wholly blame the teachers if a school receives a poor Ofsted report?

In this day and age school teachers face a daily challenge of ‘red tape’ and an increasing number of unruly children.

In some disadvantaged areas, teachers not only have to try and educate their pupils but also manage those with the lack of basic social skills.

Some of the pupils where their family backgrounds are problematic and they suffer recognised behaviour issues can have a disruptive effect on a whole classroom.

This naturally demotivates and discourages other children from studying.

Discipline at home clearly has a lot to do with a child’s progress whether in an academic sense or not.

It’s all well and good for those theorists to wrongly assume that only high calibre teachers are found in ‘posh’ private schools.

Blackpool has some very good state run schools and teachers who should be applauded for their achievements.

Stephen Pierre

Topping Street


Teaching criticism

No easy answers

On Saturday we once again read Dr Barry Clayton’s repeated attacks on our teaching population.

The problems in Blackpool’s schools according to the sage doctor are entirely down to our “poor” teachers.

If you were to believe this “expert”, half of them are never in the classroom in any case due to what he appears to be alleging is “lead-swinging” sickness leave.

If that is the case good doctor, then surely it can’t be their fault that the kids are being taught badly.

So the legions of teachers now at home quivering under the duvet wringing their namby pamby hands in an ineffectual manner can at least feel it is not their fault.

Having seen first hand the challenges, due to social 
conditions and attitudes, parental indifference, the constant interference of successive governments with their big ideas, and, yes, red tape, I can say that the good doctor has no real clue of 
what goes on in schools these days.

If you want to truly understand Dr Clayton, try walking
 a mile in their shoes.

Yes there is a problem but there is no single reason for this, and a headteacher from a high-flying school where the children come from professional well off families is no more likely to succeed than anyone else as a leader.

Teaching is no picnic.

It is a six full days a week, challenging profession and yes, while there are some teachers and school leaders who cannot cope, there are thousands of others who are trying, against all the odds, to do right for our children.

B Smith


Dance for health

Soul charity event

On May 24 I am organising the biggest Northern Soul outdoor event in the UK in aid of Cancer Research UK.

It is on the Comedy Carpet and is billed as ‘Northern Soul Against Cancer’.

This event has the approval of the VisitBlackpool organisation(Chris Pope).

There will be between 1,000 and 1,500 dancers dancing for up to four hours on the Promenade.

Northern Trains, Blackpool Tourism, Soul Suite and Morrisons plus some hotels are part of those advertising the event or sponsoring different parts of the event.

I expect Radio Lancashire might be covering it.

My experienced DJ Paul from Chorley is known to radio stations.

What I need is for your newspaper to advertise for street entertainers to come along on the Sunday the 24th from noon onwards to help with the build up. I would be eternally grateful

I will thank you in advance for any correspondence form your good selves

More information is available from chrispope@visitblackpool.com and going up on a public Facebook group.

Phil Mcdougall

via email