Letters - February 16, 2015

Traffic chaos on the A585, approaching the Kirkham junction of the M55. The road is a key link between Fleetwood and the motorway.
Traffic chaos on the A585, approaching the Kirkham junction of the M55. The road is a key link between Fleetwood and the motorway.
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various routes proposed


In response to Chris Feast ‘End the squabbling and build the road’ (Your Say, February 2), how I wish I had the power he thinks I have!

I represent Singleton and Greenhalgh at Fylde Council not Wyre as the writer implies. I have not and would not, oppose a solution to the woes of the A585.

The seven miles from the Main Dyke to beyond the M55 is in my ward and I am desperate to find a solution that will improve the lives of my constituents.

The writer does not have all facts correct. It is not three decades of farce regarding the A585, it is six.

In 1953 a road was planned to provide a north/south route through the Fylde, the red route.

Staining and Carleton fought like tigers to oppose the route and were successful. It was cancelled. The yellow route was suggested along with the green, purple and orange routes.

None of these routes answered the fundamental problem of getting huge volumes of traffic to the M55.

I fully support and have been vigorously campaigning to get the blue route accepted and built.

In excess of 2,000 houses are yet to be built in north Fylde. The owners of the new houses will all need access to the wider road network as they will probably work elsewhere.

I agree that improving the economy of this area is the number one priority and that tinkering with the road will not solve the problem.

I still believe the expensive ‘improvements’ we have all had to suffer will not answer the problem.

Around 35,000 vehicles pass through Singleton crossroads every day. We must all lobby for the blue route to connect north Fylde with the M55.

It is the only answer.

If Mr Feast would be willing to meet me I would welcome a discussion on solving the problem.

Coun Mrs

Maxine Chew

Singleton and 

Show is worth it

Feel good

Anyone wishing to experience ‘the feel good factor’ should run, walk, dance, cycle or drive to Manchester Opera House to see ‘Top Hat’.

I was fortunate to go to the matinee yesterday.

It evoked glamour, panache, opulence, to a level of excellence in dancing, acting, singing, costumes and the whole production; especially the sets which were wonderfully executed and brought extra glamour and qualities to this must see show.

Well worth the travel, just fabulous!

I just wish a little of these times would come back, to enrich our lives today.

Jacqui Veazey

St Leonard’s Road


Rail camping coaches


I am writing a book on camping holidays on the London, Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) in the 1930s.

This was a scheme whereby the railway company took old carriages out of use, converted them into holiday accommodation and installed them at country stations during the summer season.

I would like to find folk who used the scheme during 1934 to 1940, who of course would now be in their 80s.

I have a particular interest in sites at Blackpool Squires Gate which was used by many people from the Manchester, Liverpool and Lancashire area, and also from Leeds and Bradford.

I am also keen to talk to anyone who stayed in camping coaches at Coniston, Knott End and Ingleton.

If there is anyone out there who can help with holiday photographs and memories I would be delighted to hear from them.

There were camping coach schemes after the war as well, but please note these are beyond my remit.

The coaches were referred to as LMS ‘caravans’ in the early days of the scheme.

Mike Fenton

Apple Tree Cottage

Locks Lane

Hereford HR1 3QE


Parking saga stress


I would like to thank The Gazette for the help in overturning the fine imposed on me for parking on the car park at Aldi in Cleveleys (Gazette, February 12).

Many thanks to your reporter Paul Berentzen who dealt with me in a very pleasant, sympathetic manner. I’m so glad it has been brought to an end. Although I was determined to fight the injustice of the fine, I found it was stressing me and my wife.

Don Green

North Drive


Bathing water quality

Warm up!

It is worrying that signs advising against bathing in the sea must go up on Blackpool North beach (Gazette, February 11.

The authorities say the sea is cleaner then ever, it is just the rules have got tougher.

United Utilities is spending hundreds of millions of pounds towards resolving the problem and stopping effluent reaching the sea.

We could just do with someone waving a magic wand to turn up the temperature and then more people might be encouraged to take a dip!

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