Letters - February 16, 2012

Dineout feature on the new Mojito tapas bar, attached to Portofino's, Henry Street Lytham.'5-7-2010
Dineout feature on the new Mojito tapas bar, attached to Portofino's, Henry Street Lytham.'5-7-2010
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THE article about Mojito (Gazette, February 13) left me wondering why it should not enjoy the profitability gained from opening until 1am, when other bars have already had their licence granted.

The question should have been asked when the first bar requested the late opening hours, and the answer should have been categorically no.

This is not just about the older person or the Homestead residents on Henry Street, this is about making money and changing the culture of Lytham without any consultation by the council.

Lytham has always been a place for families, residents and visitors of all ages.

Blackpool does very well creating a fun-loving, nightclub environment and it has a Tower, and good luck to it.

Lytham has always been about good eateries, shops, enjoyable walks.

Perhaps the next step is to construct a tower on the Green – perish the thought!

What council in its right mind would approve late hours to 1am in a small town, knowing full well that, at the same time, police are reducing their service?

It is not just about noise, it is everything else the nightclub culture brings with it.

Please stop spoiling what we have.



I WENT to see the Blackpool Brass Band at St Teresa’s Church on February 10, and what a brilliant night it was.

They were excellent and I wish them well in future concerts.

I also bought their CD and it is great to listen to if you like brass bands.

I would like to hear them play at Cleveleys Bandstand. They would be well supported.


Eastpines Drive


YOUR article (Gazette, February 13, Britain and Abroad) tells of Greek politicians having approved harsh new austerity measures.

The good people of Greece are facing a 10-year period at the end of which will reduce them to begging, even though none of the parties has a mandate to attack their living standards.

The EU, IMF and European Central Bank are now trying to hammer working people into submission with more cuts in living standards, even though the Greek working class had no part in creating the crisis.

The action this weekend has halted public transport, closed ports, museums and archaeological sites, and hit the hospitals.

Working people fighting cuts and attacks on conditions with the trade unions’ support can achieve extraordinary things.

Best wishes to them and hoping that they will not accept the painful measures that will create misery for youths, unemployed and pensioners.


Beryl Avenue