Letters - February 13, 2019

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Speed limits are not there to annoy you

This may be a rant, but I need to do it.

I drove my car from the Fylde coast to Leyland yesterday and the motorway was quite busy but peaceful.

I was quite comfortable at 70mph almost all the way. Not so most of the other drivers.

Driving at 70mph doesn’t ever seem fast enough for them, and I cannot understand the rivalry between them.

One overtakes someone and they overtake them back and they must be doing at least 80mph, probably more. A couple overtook one driver and then cut in front of them to turn off to the M61.

Driving in Blackpool is not so different.

Here we have a 30mph limit, so why do cars suddenly catch you up and you need to make sure you are doing 30 and not 20?

Seeing the other drivers’ faces in the mirror shows how they feel about you getting in their way.

Oh, and God forbid that you are driving a moped! I do sometimes and no-one seems to think they should stay behind me, even if I am doing the speed limit.

So they overtake and then slow down and I follow them. Speed cameras are needed and fines need to be higher.

I don’t care who gets the money and we need more.

By the way, I am in my 70s and recently took a ‘Drive Safely for Longer’ test and I was told that my driving was excellent.

My main point here is: ‘Speed Limits are not made to annoy you. Speed Limits are made to keep us all safe’. Please drive safely.

Kathleen Smith

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Man-made climate change is a scam

We are being bombarded, from all angles in the media, regarding the variation in temperatures that are supposedly being driven by man-made industrial activity creating co2.

This is a glowing example of the difference between all political parties - and the system in general - and the public.

The assertion that the latest weather conditions are as a result of man-made climate change is ridiculous and I’m pleased to say that a growing number of people are seeing the man-made global warming/climate change scam, for what it is.

It’s nothing more than a gigantic ‘problem-reaction-solution’ tactic, to usher in increased global taxation, increased global control - leading to a world government authority, which is the UN, and increased global regulation.

The lie has been repeated incessantly, to essentially bring about changes in society that would otherwise not be possible.

Advocates of man-made ‘climate change’ often quote that it is “widely accepted by the scientific community”. This is the same scientific community that were caught fabricating temperature model data, in 2009’s Climategate email scandal. Their problem was that temperatures were higher in the medieval period, than they are today (called the Medieval Warm Period) so they had to try and hide this data, to sell the idea of man-made global warming, triggered by man’s recent activity, to an unsuspecting public.

If anyone wants to understand the ‘carbon con’ and its connection to a wider control system agenda (the bigger picture), then I suggest they do some research on the Club of Rome.

This is an organisation, founded in the 60s, whose sole job was to infiltrate the environmental movement and promote the idea that man-made co2 is causing “warming”, which it has done very successfully.

For an indication of the real cause of freak weather around the globe, readers would be wise to learn about HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) and the horrors of chemtrails - also referred to as geoengineering.

It is a fact that weather conditions can be controlled and even used as a weapon. We should all be concerned about living in harmony with nature but the man-made global warming scam (changed to climate change when it was obvious that the world wasn’t warming) is nothing to do with it.

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Support our shops... and don’t just moan

I can’t understand these people who moan about the state of our town centre (re. closed shops etc).

These said people probably shop online so why don’t they get down to Debenhams and M&S as I’m sure they would moan if they shut up shop even more!

It was bad enough when M&S left Freeport, we had some really good bargains from there. So come on as they say use it or lose it. We have two wonderful stores so let’s keep them.

M Bennet