Letters - February 12, 2019

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tabled the motion after the Prime Minister suffered the worst defeat in British political history with the meaningful vote on the Brexit deal.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tabled the motion after the Prime Minister suffered the worst defeat in British political history with the meaningful vote on the Brexit deal.
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Corbyn poses a threat just look at Venezuela

Conditions in Venezuela are shocking. Hospitals are dirty, medicines are unavailable, children are dying from starvation and lack of medical care.

Inflation is currently running at an unbelievable 1.7 million per cent. Three million people have fled the country. Over 58 per cent of the population are now living in dire poverty.

This is yet another grim example of socialism in action. An oil rich state has been subjected to nationalisation, gross overspending, state control of prices, and a refusal to allow foreign investment.

The corrupt rule of Hugo Chavez has been followed by an even more corrupt reign by Nicolás Maduro.

Despite this, Jeremy Corbyn and his acolytes, Abbott, McDonnell and Milne, has praised the regime. Abbott has said: “It shows another way forward.”

The same person once praised Mao, a murderer of millions.

Corbyn, true to form, has heaped praise on Chavez and Maduro on every possible platform. When Chavez died he lauded his leadership and his care for the poor!

Chavez had amassed a billion dollar fortune while supposedly looking after the poor.

Corbyn’s economic views are beyond belief, as are McDonnell’s . They lead to misery and starvation. Yet they want to run our economy. They are not interested in condemning human rights or liberal democracy. His failure to eradicate antisemitism in the Party he now leads is also shocking.

Corbyn has criticised those who want to help the wretched Venezuelans. He opposes sanctions on an odious regime.

It is all very revealing. It highlights Corbyn’s lack of a moral compass on this and similar issues.

Throughout history, crises let you know who leaders really are. Corbyn, Abbott and McDonnell are not harmless, misguided people, they pose a real and present danger to our country.

The agonies of Venezuelans have revealed the true nature of Labour led by Corbyn. It is very unpleasant.

Dr Barry Clayton

Thornton Cleveleys


Please help unite against dementia

Alzheimer’s Society will mark its 40th anniversary this year, celebrating our story so far and our on-going commitment to stopping dementia in its tracks.

I’d like to thank everyone on the Fylde coast who united against dementia last year by fundraising, campaigning and volunteering, helping us challenge perceptions, fund research and improve and provide care and support.

Alzheimer’s Society recently announced that a staggering two and a half million people in the UK have become a Dementia Friend. This initiative asks people to take one small action to help people with dementia feel supported and able to live well in their communities.

With more than 16,200 people living with dementia across Lancashire, the need to unite in the fight against the condition has never been more pressing.

There are so many ways your readers can get involved in 2019 and what better time to take on a new challenge. From becoming a volunteer – either for our Side by Side service or at this year’s Virgin Money London Marathon where we are Charity of the Year – to fundraising, campaigning to Fix Dementia Care or signing up to join dementia research.

Whether you give an hour, a day or more, please visit alzheimers.org.uk/getinvolved to find out how you can unite against dementia.

Tara Edwards

Area Manager
Alzheimer’s Society


Accept that you lost the EU referendum

With the current stalemate in the Brexit saga, let’s just remind ourselves of a few facts.

The remainers justify their case for trying to wreck Brexit by saying that we, who voted for out of the EU, didn’t have the brains to know what we voted for.

Excuse me, but from the day the referendum was announced, and the then Prime Minister, David Cameron, told the nation that it was a binding decision which would be honoured, Project Fear swept into action by politicians fearful of losing out on the EU gravy train.

We first had the then Chancellor, George Osborne, warning us that he would have to produce an emergency budget if we had the nerve to vote leave.

We then had the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, telling us about the pound crashing, house prices plummeting etc, not to mention the endless left- wing remain BBC, and some of the other media, warning of the terrors of the UK having the temerity to want to leave their cosy little club and their gilt-laden salaries and pensions.

Well, despite all these warnings, on the day of the referendum, and after being bombarded with Project Fear, the great British public voted by a decent majority to leave the EU, with no deal!

So, to the remainers who say “you didn’t know what you were voting for”, I think the above proves conclusively that we indeed did!

And we were prepared for whatever comes when we leave with a no deal.

You lost, have the decency to accept it, and take defeat on the chin.

Stop throwing your toys out of the pram.

Britain will survive a No Deal Brexit.


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