Letters - December 9, 2014

Grant Shapps and Paul Maynard
Grant Shapps and Paul Maynard
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A585 relief road

What relief?

Should we be celebrating ‘another’ A585 relief road? It won’t start until at least 2020, assuming the project is not derailed by Singleton councillors, along with Wyre Council, as that is exactly what happened with regards to the yellow route. It’s of partial utility anyway.

What happens to the blue route now?

Without expansion of the three roundabouts from Wyre Hotel to Morrisons, most residents in Thornton won’t see any benefit.

The A585 is not the only problem, as the local roads are overstretched.

Lancashire County Council recognise this fact with regards to their opposition to the 165 house (up to 900) application, saying its ‘unsustainable’.

So why does Wyre want to become a unitary authority? To authorise more houses without the interference of Lancashire County Council?

Wyre Council will try to avoid LCC concerns – this has always happened in the past and try to pass this application next year.

Five years is too long, in which time Wyre Council will at pass as many large housing applications as possible, using this intended relief road as a pretext to justify more applications.

Look at Bourne Way for proof.

When the council leader talks of investment, he really means building more houses without infrastructure improvements; this has been the disastrous norm for at least a decade now.

The council planners were heavily criticised by the Highways Agency for their systemic failings with regards to the Stanah application.

I remain unconvinced by this ‘solution’. Its timing is significant, given forthcoming elections.

Speaking of which, the only relief Wyre can see from bad planning is through a change of council leader, the chief executive, and current head of planning and put in people who address residents justified concerns.

Chris Feast


Image of Blackpool

No interest for TV

A few weeks ago I had a call from Channel 5, they asked me to tell them about my experiences with tenants.

I explained I have been a residential landlord in Blackpool for very many years and enjoy an excellent relationship with my tenants.

When I offered to tell them more, show the complimentary letters we have received from tenants, and tell them more about the quality homes which we have to let – they lost interest. So much for balanced reporting!

John McGlynn

The Fylde Coast Landlords’ Forum

Nativity plays

Keep the faith

The time is fast approaching when primary schools will be putting on nativity plays, and churches their Christingle services.

However, given some recent disturbing evidence, perhaps one should say it is hoped these will be held.

A survey has revealed only 32 per cent of primary schools in the country will stage a traditional nativity play this year. Almost 50 per cent of schools say they prefer a ‘modern’ version – in which there will be no Mary, Joseph and the manger.

All religious references will be absent. Twelve per cent are putting on nativity plays which feature spacemen, aliens and Elvis Presley!

The reason given by these schools is they do not wish to offend those of other faiths.

I doubt very much if those who practise other faiths have ever been asked if a traditional nativity play would offend them; my experience tells me they would not be.

Whether or not one is a practising Christian, nativity plays are loved by children.

Other faiths celebrate, for example, Eid and Diwali – so why do we cringe and retreat when the time comes to relate the story of Christ’s birth, an event which lies at the heart of our western civilisation?

We should be proud of our heritage and keen to share it with others.

Dr Barry Clayton


Festive lights

Thanks for event

As I was away on holiday, this is my belated thank-you to Hazel Kay of the Sun4You shop (corner of Devonshire Road and Waverley Avenue) for all her efforts – and to everyone involved – in the successful switch-on of the Warbreck Ward Christmas tree, on November 21, in the presence of the Mayor of Blackpool, Coun Valerie Haynes.

I gather the weather was against them, but I believe it was an enjoyable event – so congratulations and many thanks. Wishing all a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Coun Tony Brown

Hilstone Lane