Letters - December 8, 2014

Second chance winner Mary Thompson with Kathy Reynolds
Second chance winner Mary Thompson with Kathy Reynolds
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I met lots of winners


Ten out of 10 for The Gazette for your wonderful double page article on Warwick’s Amusement’s Second Chance Lottery.

It was brilliant, especially as I myself gave much of the money away for Warwick as, until I retired some time ago, I worked as a cashier at the Church Street branch for some 13 years.

I have had my picture taken with lots of winners for your paper, every winner went out of the shop happy, most of them told me what they were going to spend the money on.

Some gave it to friends and family, some put it away for a rainy day etc.

In the years I worked for Warwick, Janet and family I have witnessed the generosity from the family, there was the £200 Gazette bingo, lots of cash plus prizes for raffles in all the shops.

I have given out many refreshments to our locals over the years, all complimentary.

The Tunnicliffe family are an amazing family, long may Warwicks Amusements continue.

Kathy Reynolds


Fylde election campaign


Thanks to Jed Sullivan for a superb article covering some of this young Labour parliamentary candidate’s aspirations for the Fylde 
Constituency (Politically Correct December 3).

I wish him well in his endeavours. How refreshing to hear him offering such high praise for young people and such a fabulous opportunity to his election agent.

How super to know that local issues, such as fracking, can impact on the PPC’s election pledges.

And how encouraging to hear Jed Sullivan boldly squaring up and challenging the endless line of Tory MPs in Fylde.

Power to Jed Sullivan’s elbow! I wish him utmost success in his campaign, and look forward to a healthy and vigorous election campaign.

Ann Higginson

Fairhaven Road

St Annes

Disabling condition

Life change

For those most severely affected by the disabling condition Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.), Christmas, and the countdown to it, can be incredibly 

‘I used to exercise three times a week, work full time, volunteer at Crisis Christmas shelter…’ one patient told us. ‘That’s all gone. I’ve been a wheelchair user for five years now, and housebound longer than that.’

‘My life stopped…’, the new report from leading charity UK charity Action for M.E., details the stark reality for thousands of people living with the most severe form of M.E. and asks what can be done to improve things.

To find out more, visit www.actionforme.org.uk/mylifestopped

Sonya Chowdhury

Chief Executive

Action for M.E.

Tracking down Lily

Please help

We are seeking information on a resident of Poulton who passed away in 1967 by the name of Lily Maud Jones.

We are wondering if any family exists that may be able to contact me as I have information that may be of benefit to the family. We know she has Welsh connections, born in circa 1886, however, her burial or cremation details are currently a mystery. I wonder if any readers may be able to shed any information of this lady and possibly point us in the direction of a family?

Robert J. Warburton

65 Park Grove


S70 1QA

Cardiac centre treatment


After suffering from breathlessness, I was referred to Blackpool Victoria Hospital by Dr Whittle of Cleveleys Group Practice. I was offered a bed in the heart unit and was operated on within five days by Mr Bose, the heart specialist. I had excellent treatment from all the staff during my 12-day stay.

Two weeks later, after another visit to Cleveleys Group Practice, I was referred to BVH again with fluid on the lungs and had another 10-day stay.

Two weeks later I was referred again for a further 10 days stay. Finally, I was given the all clear. Thank you all the staff at BVH Cardiac Centre for the excellent treatment I 
received during this time.

Mrs A.M. Myers

Thirlmere Avenue


Restaurant venue

Great cafe

I loved the picture of the former cafe at Blackpool 
Tower which was replaced by the now defunct Tower Lounge (Lost Archives,
 December 5).

It would be great to see this area restored to being a stylish restaurant.

The Beach House across the road on the Prom is doing really well, so it strikes me the former Tower Lounge would be a great place for another quality eaterie opening on to the seafront.