Letters - December 7, 2016

A 25 annual charge for garden waste collection in Sunderland will start in March
A 25 annual charge for garden waste collection in Sunderland will start in March
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Why can’t we have free recycling?

The council made a big thing about refusing to recycle our garden waste earlier this year, and told us we’d have to pay for the privilege of a recycling collection.

We have the longest garden in the avenue. I paid £30 for one bin collection – we had a much-needed three bins. The council said twice to us, that: “We’re having a blitz on collecting the bins in the middle of October.”

Nothing has been done, the bins are still there and cluttering up people’s yards and gardens.

Our neighbour also has three bins, the others mainly have one. We actually telephoned the council to ask, in October, for a recycled bin collection date and they still said “October”.

We asked them to collect two of our three bins as we didn’t want to miss the “blitz bin collection”, and a Rover lorry came within two weeks and took them away.

All of the other bins can’t be used unless they pay, so why are the council so slow in taking them away?

I’ve heard that Fylde and Wyre are still doing free recycling – so why not Blackpool?

Rose Morley



At last... Corbyn’s mask has slipped

By trying to meddle with the European Union referendum result, the Labour Party is ignoring the plight of the low waged.

Jeremy Corbyn’s party is looking for any way it can to block the will of the British people.

How can he claim to be on the side of working people when it is attempting to block the one thing that will stop the over-supply in the labour market?

He says it is just an amendment, but the truth is, he is hoping it will stop Brexit in its tracks.

Corbyn’s mask has finally slipped, and the public can now see he is just as pro-big business and anti working-people as the Tories and the Lib Dems.

Paul Nuttall

North West UKIP MEP and party leader


Thanks to all who helped N-Vision

On behalf of everyone at N-Vision, The Blackpool, Fylde & Wyre Society for the Blind, we would like to thank B & M Bargains, Cleveleys, for allowing us to hold a bucket collection there on Saturday.

Their customers were very generous and £310.98 was raised.

Thank you also to our team of fund-raising volunteers who stood with the buckets throughout the day.

Everyone’s support is very much appreciated and enables us to continue to offer the many vital services we do throughout the local area.

Stephanie Beasley

Volunteer Co-ordinator


(The Blackpool Fylde & Wyre Society for the Blind)