Letters - December 5, 2014

NHS staff on strike outside Blackpool Victoria Hospital
NHS staff on strike outside Blackpool Victoria Hospital
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NHS pay claim


After recently being discharged from hospital after spending many weeks in various wards, including intensive care and being looked after by angels in blue, I think it’s an absolute scandal our nurses should have to take to the streets to try and get a measly one per cent pay rise.

In every ward I have been in over the last few weeks, each and every nurse has been cheerful and efficient and hardworking.

In fact, but for the nurses being so cheerful and making each patient feel an individual, I’m quite sure I for one would have felt quite depressed.

Imagine our public school educated ‘members’, whether Conservative or Labour, even accepting a one per cent rise?

We send umpteen millions to countries better off than us, money that the ‘Whitehall toffs’ have to borrow in the first place.

And this is without sending planes and troops to far distant lands to fight wars we have no chance of winning.

So for David Cameron to say we cannot afford to pay our hardworking nurses an extra one per cent beggars belief, and this Government should hang its heads in shame.

Barry Law

St Walburga’s Road


Pets are not stuffed toys

Wait to give

We all tend to receive a Christmas present we don’t really want at some time in our life.

It’s just one of those things, but just supposing that unwanted present was a pet.

Think of the dilemma this would cause, not only for the recipient but for the pet which would then be unwanted and unloved.

Animals are live, sentient creatures, not stuffed cuddly toys, and cannot be taken back to the shop for a refund or credit note.

Nor are they disposable 

So please do not
surprise anyone with a gift of a pet for Christmas.

On the other hand, if your child is asking for a pet for Christmas, then may I suggest you buy them a book about caring for it as a present instead with a promise that the pet will follow later when they have read all about what is involved in caring for it.

And you can also make sure your child is still interested in having a pet.

Christmas time is a totally unsuitable time to bring any new pet into an unfamiliar household. Pets are for life, not just for Christmas.

Josephine Harwood

Moor Park Avenue


Council meeting walkout

Support for Mayor

With regards to your article ‘I’m not a dictator’ (Gazette, November 29), I was appalled to read that the Conservative Party had walked out of a public meeting because the Mayor had seemingly told them they were not allowed to hijack the question session to ask themselves, yes that’s right to ask themselves, self-congratulatory questions.

In my view the Mayor should have our support one hundred per cent over this issue.

The council’s question time should be for the ordinary councillors to ask questions on behalf of us residents, not for the leadership to try to fill up the time asking slippery politician’s questions of each other.

I hope Wyre Council leader Coun Peter Gibson will be reimbursing the tax payer some of the £23,000 he claims each year from us for the meeting he walked out on.

I look forward to receiving my tax rebate in the post

Allan Cartwright


Switch-on success


May we thank all those who helped to make Layton’s Christmas switch-on on
November 28 such a great success.

Layton traders, the police, the town crier, council staff and many others deserve our praise.

The stars of the show, Ged Mills and Hayley Kay from Radio Wave, were especially welcome.

It was so generous of them to accept our invitation.

Coun Martin Mitchell

Coun Kathryn Benson

Layton ward