Letters - December 3, 2014

COUNCIL CLASH Wyre Civic Centre, where Conservative councillors walked out of a full council meeting in a row over protocol with borough mayor Coun Ron Shewan
COUNCIL CLASH Wyre Civic Centre, where Conservative councillors walked out of a full council meeting in a row over protocol with borough mayor Coun Ron Shewan
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Abdication of duties

Council row

I am writing as a fiercely Independent, individual town councillor and resident who attended the Wyre full council meeting last Thursday evening.

I was supposed to be asking questions regarding the closure of Blackpool International Airport, and how it affects our transport, employment and commercial interests.

But instead of the above, along with others in the public area, I was treated to a rare example of municipal melodrama, and perhaps, political suicide, by the ruling Tory Group. Ruling for now that is.

After clearly challenging the Labour Mayor, Tory Coun Vincent gave the cue for the entire group to walk out of the meeting, in the full knowledge the meeting would be left two short of a quorum, and therefore unable to conduct further council business.

That is to say our business. It was also clear their walkout was planned in advance.

In another time, and place, the remaining Labour group and others might have shut the doors, then continued with the business they were elected for – had every new Labour member been present.

We must now ask, is Wyre Council best placed to issue guidelines, advisories and codes of conduct on how to behave and conduct our business, after such a public abdication of their responsibilities?

Coun Jack D Harrison

Hodder Close


Notice was valid


Jon Rhodes’ thoughtful editorial (Gazette, November 29) says that if the ruling (Wyre) Tory group and the Mayor have a problem with the correct protocol, then that should be debated.

Even the leader of the Labour group is quoted as saying the debate on the constitution needs to happen.

That is exactly what the Notice of Motion (NoM) at the full council of November 27 was all about, and it required all members, including the Mayor, to abide by the constitution.

The chief executive ruled the NoM as valid and it was signed by a number of members, however the Mayor decided, unconstitutionally, that the motion would not be debated.

If elected members are stopped from debating such issues by a ceremonial unelected Mayor then that is a bad day for democracy and Wyre residents and the Conservative members were left with no alternative but to leave the council chamber.

The editorial says this issue should be discussed, debated and a resolution found.

This is good advice and the Conservatives will bring forward another NoM on the constitution, and let’s all hope the Mayor will allow it and leave his politics and dictatorial tendencies outside the council chamber.

Coun Peter Gibson

Leader Wyre Council

Fly-tipping fears


After reading that Lancashire County Council is considering charging us for tipping too much at the local refuse tip (Gazette, December 1), I feel compelled to congratulate Coun Janice Hanson and head of waste management Steve Scott in their efforts to encourage more fly-tipping.

After numerous articles about fly-tipping appearing in the pages of The Gazette over the past few months, do these people not realise that by charging for the privilege of recycling, all they will do is blight the local countryside with rubbish?

I myself had to report to the council that somebody had emptied a dustbin full of rubbish on a local country road on Monday. It looks terrible.

I would like to know what they expect the householder to do if suddenly he or she decides to do a bit of DIY at home and then be responsible and take their rubbish to the tip, only realising they haven’t got a permit nor weighed the bags.

It is, in my opinion, just another way of taking more money off us.

In the end, it will cost more to clean the countryside of fly-tipping.

Name and address supplied

Fix North Pier first

Golf plan

I was surprised Miss Sedgwick is considering building a new golf park on the Promenade. (Gazette ,November 25)

Her family owns North Pier, and this year I was ashamed to show it to visitors. The side seats had big holes in them with railings round, the whole pier was rusty, with boards loose and paint falling off.

The North Pier is a Blackpool treasure and part of our history, so her family should forget, for now, a new project and take pride in renewing and showing off part of a beautiful trio of piers.

It may be old, but it could be beautiful.

Mrs L. Howarth