Letters - December 24, 2014

Karl Oyston.
Karl Oyston.
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Karl Oyston texts

No honour

Yet again the long suffering Blackpool fans are having to put up with the honour of the club being ground into the dirt by the Oyston family.

This is your chance! 
Although it will be a wrench to leave the club for a while (a season should do it) why not just buy tickets to up and coming clubs in the area like Fleetwood or AFC Fylde.

You fans will be better treated by boards that have their fans at heart and would welcome you all with open arms.

As a Fleetwood regular, I am enthralled every week or two with fantastic games and facilities.

Why not come on down and smile after a game?

Jim Mc Kernan


All I can say is thank goodness I don’t line Karl Oyston’s pockets by watching Blackpool F.C.

Why doesn’t he do us all a favour and just leave Blackpool. It is obvious that he doesn’t care about Blackpool F.C. and especially the supporters.

The least he can do is invite Steve Smith to the next home match free of charge and make a public apology on the pitch with him.

The ball is in your court Mr Oyston.

Nigel Morris

(By email)

I was born in Blackpool and actually delivered The Gazette for five years as a teenager, but now live in North Yorkshire.

I am 65, and as a lifelong ‘Pool’ fan I keep up to date on your Gazette website.

With lots of cash the Oystons look down with utter contempt on us fans, and Karl’s comments on the texts show his true feelings for people less fortunate than him.

Will our disabled fans and disabled fans from visiting clubs want to attend Bloomfield Road?

It’s tragic that there is no Premiership legacy for the club and town.

The Oystons could have still had a very good payout and kept a strong Championship Club if they hadn’t been so greedy.

I wrote to the Football League about all the money being taken out of BFC but their answer was ‘it’s their business they can do what they please’ in answer to my suggestion that the situation at BFC damages football and the League itself.

Well done for standing up to Karl.

I would like to think that the FA and FL would take action but unfortunately rather doubt it.

Keep up the good work

Phil Bamford

(By email)

Funding for the police

Council tax

I would like to reply to D.J. Bunting’s rather insulting letter in reference to police commissioner Clive Grunshaw (Your Say December 18).

Clive is an ex-Labour county councillor, elected, not appointed.

Mr Bunting assumes that, because Clive is an ex-Labour councillor, he is not capable of being a crime commissioner. I beg to differ. Clive is very well read, although I suppose Mr Bunting would prefer a Tory.

This Government has squeezed the life out of society in general.

Clive is asking for more money for the police, and Mr Bunting says ‘no’. Perhaps he would like the 
police to work for free.

I sincerely hope Mr Bunting never gets burgled.

P.S. Elliott

Palatine Road


Feline festive


As Christmas is now here there is usually a question of what to do with the turkey leftovers.

If you have that problem 
then please spare a thought for our cats who would be 
pleased to have your 
unwanted leftovers as 
we are struggling to keep them fed.

Wishing you all a beautiful Christmas.

Father Anthony

Rainbow Bridge Sanctuary Grosvenor Street


Job opportunities

Apply now

We know that disabled people are much less likely to be in employment than the rest of the UK population.

The latest research from Leonard Cheshire Disability is therefore not surprising.

The charity has found that nearly three-quarters (73 per cent) of the public feel disabled people should be given more opportunities to find work.

This is why we launched our new programme Change100 which matches talented disabled students with some of the UK’s leading companies.

Since we launched the programme last year, we have had excellent feedback from leading employers on the calibre of the students, and all those seeking work have secured employment.

Applications are now open for disabled students from universities across the UK to apply for our 2015 Change100 programme.

If you are studying or have just graduated, visit: www.leonardcheshire.org/change100 to find out more about this exciting opportunity. The deadline for applications is 30 January 2015.

Peter Jenkins

Managing Director, External Affairs at Leonard Cheshire Disability