Letters - December 2, 2014

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Black Friday

Animal behaviour

Briony Baldwin’s comments about Black Friday (Gazette, November 29) offered much food for thought.

Like many people we in our house wouldn’t dream of lowering ourselves to elbow fellow shoppers for a bargain which is why we don’t go on big sale days! (Why we have to copy America anyway beggars belief?)

There isn’t much hope of anyone following Briony’s plea for us to make a stance with a ‘no shopping day’, because it seems the majority shop until they drop and to go a day without shopping is impossible as the fact that Boxing Day sales are just a silly frenzy in our own town alone shows.

Some stores open earlier than some of us start work or even get out of bed.

Advertisers on TV, radio, newspapers and flyers through our doors are hell bent on brainwashing the public into buying!

It never ends and in our house we constantly ‘mute’ the TV adverts demanding we buy “because once they’ve gone, they’re gone!”

Who cares?... Shove it! We don’t want it... when we do, it’ll be in our own time and not when you want us to!

I know two people who work in stores and describe customers as “animals after their prey!”

Clifford Chambers


NHS privatisation

No to arms dealers

I write with anxiety that the Conservative Government are allowing our National Health Service to be given away to private companies that lack any expertise or training on how to run such services.

Right now NHS England are in negotiations with Lockheed Martin the private US arm dealers and have opened discussions for them to take over the administration of GP practices.

Back room jobs will include records and appointments presumably with staff that have never had experience of working in this kind of caring environment. 
Other bidders include G4S who were contracted to run the 2012 Olympic Games. We all know what a catastrophe that was!

Why is it that the Conservative government continually deny that their NHS and Social Care Bill is about privatisation?

Every week we are losing NHS services to private companies. Funding cuts are endemic with nursing staff suffering stress and loss of wages.

If our services continue to be put out to tender to private insurance companies, arms dealers and a hotchpotch of charities then where is the NHS going to find qualified doctors and nurses from?

I for one do not want my health record seen by private company employees whoever they are.

The Conservatives need to be transparent, as the general election approaches, on why they are supporting these companies to bid for any services that only loyal NHS trained staff can fulfil.

Moreover is it moral to pass our Health Service over to a company that makes money out selling military weaponry to kill people?

Look at any poll and you find that the majority of British people want to keep the NHS run by our own tried and tested methods.

When it’s gone it’s gone!

Roy Lewis

Blackpool North and Cleveleys Labour Party

Our litter disgrace

Give us a litter bin

The visitors that come to Blackpool must get a terrible impression of the town when they drive down Poulton Road.

The litter that greets them its a complete eye-sore – beer cans, wine bottles, waste paper, furniture, the bus stop opposite the Cunliffes Londis store is a complete disgrace. The council should place a litter bin next to the bus-stop.

The area is being blighted with rubbish, the town motto Progress should be changed to Regress.

S. Rigg ,


Young talent

Fabulous Phantom

I would like to re endorse Mr Keith Sansom’s wonderful expressive letter on November 25 praising the young talent who took part in Phantom of the Opera at the Lowther 
Pavillion, Lytham.

Blackpool and the Fylde are so privileged to have Lynda Clarkson, Sean Ashmore, Michael Boe, Phil Sykes and Deborah O’Dea, who make an outstanding team of talented and gifted directors.

The students are very fortunate indeed to have the expertise of these artists, who coached them to near enough professional level.

The staging, acting and singing ability was truly magnificent, bringing great enjoyment to all the audiences were lucky enough to find a seat.

It’s very reassuring to know that the future of live theatre in this area is safe in their capable hands.

Looking forward to their next production.

Miss Jacqui