Letters - December 19, 2017

The M1 motorway in Derbyshire.
The M1 motorway in Derbyshire.
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Dangerous to get rid of hard shoulders

A motorway accident last month was a prime example of why having no hard shoulder is extremely dangerous.

A broken down car was hit very hard from the rear by another bigger car, closing two lanes.

Had the hard shoulder been there, this would have been avoidable.

How can the so-called experts say that, if someone breaks down, they should get to one of the refuge areas?

If you break down, you break down, there is no “I think I’ll break down next to the refuge”.

The occupants of that particular car were very lucky this time.

Next time it could be a young family with a mum trying to get children out of the broken down car to safety.

Every day there are accidents on the so-called smart motorways (M1/M62).

The number of collisions has increased significantly since so-called smart technology was introduced.

It’s about time highways saw sense and maintained a hard shoulder, whenever possible, throughout the day and night.

Graham Donaldson

Via email


What’s the airport waiting for?

It has been confirmed that Carlisle Airport is to begin passenger flights to Belfast, Dublin and Southend with onward connections to the USA.

So what is Blackpool Airport waiting for? Adapt the Energy College building into a terminal, bring in an experienced operator to run it and let’s get back on board.

There is an enterprise zone and new conference centre to serve after all.

Barry McCann

Prescot Place


Trump got it wrong on Jerusalem

I strongly disagree with Donald Trump’s proposal to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Surely the long-term answer to the Israel/Palestine problem, which so far nobody seems to have suggested, is to make Jerusalem an international city under the control of the United Nations.

The city is very important to many religions and far too important to be under the control of any one nation.

If under international control, both Israel and Palestine could then use it as the symbolic capital of their two countries, each having parliaments in the city.

J Soper

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Party should support PM

Re: Brexit. It is time the Conservative party rallied around the Prime Minister instead of pulling her down as they do.

Molly Shaw

via email


Biggest mistake for years and years

I would like to respond to Teresa Hurst’s letter (Your Say, December 16).

In my opinion, voting to leave the EU was the biggest mistake the British public has made in a long time.

As for people changing their minds, I have spoken to quite a few people who say if they knew then what they know now they would definitely voted to stay in.

Let’s have another vote now. We know the truth .

wilfred greaves



Give cash to the NHS, not banks

Philip Hammond is giving the National Health Service £2.8bn over the next two years but cut banking taxes by £4.4bn. The health service needs £8bn yet preference has gone to the bankers’ tax on bank debt.

Prescriptions and routine operations face cuts because of lack of money. Shadow chancellor John 
McDonnell said it’s shameful we get large handouts for banks when care services cry out for more to cope.

A Hague

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