Letters - December 19, 2014

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Shale gas opportunity

U.S. lessons

If ever this country needed help in making a financial recovery now is the time.

Providing that shale gas extraction can be carried out with absolute and total safety then surely it must be seriously considered.

To miss the opportunity for financial recovery is to remain where we are: massive national debt and interest repayments to mortgage our children and grandchildren’s futures, restricted job opportunities and food banks becoming the accepted norm.

Britain became great at the time of the Industrial Revolution when entrepreneurial developments brought richness to the nation. It was a time of learning from success and even from mistakes.

Problems recorded in the early days of American operations are well recorded, documented and there for us to learn from and enable us to build in necessary safeguards in the design and operation of the processes, equipment and its infrastructure.

Major Hazard Industries such as nuclear and chemical operate safely with far greater and immediate hazard potential than shale gas extraction.

Extraction overseen by strenuous inspection and regulations can become the catalyst to enable this country to finance investment into renewable energy from wind, solar and tidal sources.

Massively expensive, these have to be paid for and I believe shale gas extraction could finance the way for our country to become great again.

But to stress, only when overseen by a regime of stringent safety controls and regular detailed inspections.

Malcolm Clegg

Address supplied

Can you help football fan?


My boyfriend is a keen follower of football at all levels and, as a hobby, he collects official metal supporters club badges from every league, ex-league and non-league football club.

He only needs a couple of supporters club badges to have at least one from every league club. One of the so far elusive supporters club badges he still seeks is from Blackpool.

Although he wrote to the club, they have produced a few different versions of supporters club badge over the years dating back as far as the 1920s.

The last was issued a few years ago so they were not able to be of assistance.

When I ask him what he wants for Christmas , all he replies are the supporters club badges he needs to complete his collection.

I am hoping one of your kind readers may be able to oblige me by letting me purchase any of the supporters club badges produced over the years to finally help him complete his collection and make a perfect Christmas gift.

Julie Hobbs

107 Shepeshal





Warton enterprise zone


Is the Warton Enterprise Zone a joke?

Developers are all over 
Warton because of the jobs 
it is said the zone would 
create, all adding to the trillions we owe.

Potential users (if any) are obviously waiting to see how much tax payer money will be made available and, once spent, the zone will go the same way as the retail park initiatives which are currently 75 per cent empty.

One recent advanced manufacturing initiative was carbon composites but this went to Samlesbury.

After Typhoon, switch off the lights at Warton.

David Wells

Beech Avenue


We don’t need UKIP

No policies?

What is the point of UKIP? They have no policies on the NHS, no policies on housing, no policies on education or jobs or transport.

They remind me of the old Lib Dems, they are more Tory than the Tories.

Do we really need another right wing leader?

We already have one and 
just look at the mess he has made.

P.S. Elliott

Palatine Road


Control these scooters


I recently witnessed a double mobility scooter which was big enough to take two people, one sitting behind the other.

Can you believe it! It is bad enough that the area is full of single mobility scooters careering along roads, pavements and in shops.

Isn’t it about time some control was taken over these things?

There will probably be one for the whole family next!

Mrs P. Jackson

St Annes Road East

St Annes