Letters - December 18, 2018

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Just stop whooping and please be quiet

Re. Roy Edmonds’ article ‘Whooping strictly out of order’ (The Gazette, December 13) I couldn’t agree more, and my gripe with Strictly is aside from whooping, the audience are constantly applauding and cheering and a contestant only needs to lift one leg up slightly and they’re cheering.

During a guest singer’s performance dancers are being applauded and cheered, spoiling the song for us viewers.

I noticed they didn’t make a sound while Rod Stewart did his number because we wouldn’t have heard him otherwise and I reckon they were told not to but the iconic singer Gladys Knight was spoilt by the ignorant audience cheering the dancers routine.

Did they know she was on?!

Booing judges’ criticisms is disrespectful too, then when praising good points the audience cheer and applause that shows they are two faced!

They’re even worse during ‘Dancing on Ice.’

Both the BBC and ITV should clamp down on this immature behaviour and tell them to, BE DAMN QUIET!

Clifford chambers



Suffering yet more cuts to the police

Absolutely unacceptable!

On Thursday the Government announced the ninth consecutive year of central government cuts to the police, passing on their responsibility to hard working tax payers.

Lancashire, like other northern forces, has been cut disproportionately more than any in the south. We face greater demand, yet this postcode lottery of police funding means that the more affluent counties can replenish their budgets whilst places like Blackpool and Thornton-Cleveleys can’t.

The simple truth is that because the Home Secretary cannot make the case in government for extra police resources, he’s passing his own political failure on to local council tax payers.

Chris Webb

Parliamentary Candidate for Blackpool North & Cleveleys


Brexit was English and not UK decision

As Parliament struggles to obtain a way of leaving the EU while retaining the advantages of membership, it would be helpful if we faced a few home truths.

First, Brexit implied that the whole of the UK voted to leave which is not true.

Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain, England and Wales did not.

Scotland appears reluctant to join the Brexit and the problems created by the Irish border add to the chaos.

The people of England have spoken and so have the people of Scotland and Northern Ireland. To continue to ignore that Brexit was an English decision to leave the EU will further add to our problems on leaving the EU.

John Fisher

via email


The intelligentsia are oblivious to all

Am I the only person who is getting somewhat weary of the Remainers portraying me as some idiot who hasn’t the intelligence to understand what I was voting for?

Believe it or not, I can read and write. Plus I have the added advantage of not wearing blinkers and rose-tinted glasses manufactured in Germany to EEC standards.

It comes as no surprise that millions of people of working class backgrounds can see perfectly what is wrong with the EEC while the intelligentsia are oblivious to what is happening around them.

Laurence J.Sowden

Address supplied


Pets need our help over Christmas

This Christmas, treasured pets across the UK will be fighting for their lives.

When there is nowhere else to turn, PDSA is there to provide treatment and loving care when it’s needed most.

Our vets and nurses perform life-saving miracles every single day, to help keep pets and their owners together. But we’re a charity and can only help sick and injured pets thanks to kind donations from animal lovers.

Please help us to carry out more miracles for poorly pets this Christmas. Just visit www.pdsa.org.uk/miracles or call 0800 019 9004. From all of the pets, thank you.


PDSA Veterinary Surgeon