Letters - December 18, 2014

CLIVE GRUNSHAW A reader takes him to task over cash plea
CLIVE GRUNSHAW A reader takes him to task over cash plea
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Police cuts

Ex-Labour councillor Clive Grunshaw, Lancashire Crime Commissioner, suggests council tax-payers pay another two per cent towards the police precept in their council tax (Gazette, December 15).

I say an emphatic ‘no’ to this.

He is floating hypothetical details about funding and the number of PCSOs likely to lose their jobs just to squeeze extra money out of council tax-payers.

He is scaremongering.

Whenever there are economies to be made, be it the county or borough councils, the parish councils, the police or the fire service, council tax-payers are always drawn into the equation.

Clive Grunshaw is saying it is only a small amount he is asking for, but when you consider all the other ‘small amounts’ that 
would arise when other precepts put their bids in for extra council tax, it 
suddenly becomes a large amount.

Does he think the police could be considered a special case?

This has been tried 
before with the police in Blackpool. It is quite a jump from being a Labour councillor to the exalted position of a Crime Commissioner.

His salary is somewhere between £65,000 and £100,000. He has a deputy on £35,000, and five assistants on £25,000 each plus 12 staff.

Maybe he should look at his own empire building for

It is interesting to note that Lancashire Police declined 
to comment about his 

Mr D.J. Bunting

West Drive


Cat drank anti-freeze


Any family with cats, please be careful, they do tend to wander and we never know where to.

My cat has just died a most horrible death.

Last week he was OK, 
although not eating much of his food, then on Saturday morning he came home, almost lifeless, just lying in places he does not normally go to.

We could see he was nothing like his normal self so on Monday we took him to the vets.

After examinations the vet’s initial thought was kidney failure, plus he was very dehydrated, but he is not an old cat, therefore he kept him in for examinations.

On Tuesday he phoned to say the cat was in a coma, and the best thing was to have him put to sleep, so he would suffer no more.

In asking what caused the problem, the vet said it could be he had drunk some anti-freeze, which I have read about previously in newspapers.

Apparently another cat in our neighbourhood (Layton ) died last week with similar symptoms.

Please, please would anyone handling this liquid, be careful about spillages.

I believe also some people use it on their gardens, not sure what for, but please don’t.

Douglas Loynds

Pelham Avenue


Disco dancing thanks


I want to say a big thank you to all the people who have supported me in my three disco dancing events in Bank Hey Street.

These were in October 2013 which was for Cancer Research, July 2014 for Macmillan and October 2014 for Trinity Hospice.

The bucket collections have been wonderful.

I am doing my final disco dancing this Saturday in Bank Hey Street outside the Tower Lounge area between 12noon and 4pm in aid of research into child leukaemia, which I hope will be another success.

Happy Christmas everyone.

Alan Houghton

Bloomfield Road


Pantomime season?

No minutes

I know it’s pantomime season but I see Wyre Council are taking liberties with their latest actions.

How can a ruling group and its cabinet walk out of a meeting and it not be recorded in the minutes ? (Gazette,
December 15).

The answer is very simple when you understand the mindset of the ruling group.

They are fast and loose at telling a working class Mayor that he is acting like a dictator but do not see the parallels with Stalinist Russia or Communist China in airbrushing events from history.

The latest stunt carried out by the ruling group is one of many they have pursed over the years.

However, what really takes the biscuit is the council leader’s contempt for those who wished to ask questions to the council.

He says there was “nothing of major importance to discuss”.

Well that’s the electorate put in their place – the ruling group decide what’s important!

The Government will be telling us we can’t cook and how many children we can have next.

Publish the truth Wyre Borough not fairy tales. They are for Christmas.

John Traynor

Alston Avenue