Letters - December 11, 2014

Panto time The cast from Sleeping beauty at the Grand Theatre
Panto time The cast from Sleeping beauty at the Grand Theatre
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Grand theatre

Panto was great

On Friday, December 5, my family and I attended opening night of Sleeping Beauty at the Grand Theatre Blackpool, and would like to say what a fantastic evening we all had.

The talented Jennifer Ellison played the bad fairy Carabosse with wickedness, appearing to overcome the glittering good fairy Hayley Kay, but as we all know, good overcomes evil in pantoland.

Steve Royle gave his usual great comedy performance and shows his versatility. Everybody loves this guy!

I have to say, though, that all characters in this panto gel to make this a throughly enjoyable production, and the youngsters and senior ensemble from Barbara Jackson Theatre Arts Centre shone.

There was something for everyone and that feel-good Christmas factor.

This is a panto not to be missed, and the few little technical problems that appeared on opening night did not make for any less enjoyment. My family and I loved every minute.

Rebecca Archer

via email

Winter gardens delight

Organ music joy

Sunday afternoon, December 7 at the Winter Gardens.

Dancing in the Empress Ballroom, organ refurbished after 40 years, played by Cameron Lloyd. Utter bliss.

More please – as soon as possible.

Tom Gilhooley


Elderly services

Council changes

Hammersmith and Fulham Council has announced it is abolishing home care charges for elderly and disabled people.

The move will cost the London borough £324,000 in lost income, and will be paid for using money saved through cuts to public relations, council publications and lamp post banners.

It will mean more than 300 people who currently pay for help with day-to-day tasks such as shopping and cleaning will receive support free of charge.

Council leader,Coun Stephen Cowan said: “I am pleased we have found the money from back office cuts, such as from the council’s PR and admin budgets, and today announce that this administration will abolish what has rightly become known as a tax on disability.”

Take notice, Blackpool. It can be done.

Keith Hallam

via email

Festive cheer

Remember pets

We all love Christmas and enjoy everything that it brings – and that goes for our pets too.

We spoil thembecasue we love them and include them as part of our family.

But at this happy time of the year, please spare a thought for the many animals in our local sanctuaries who have lost their special person and loving home through no fault of their own.

Cat Rescue, Easterleigh, Cats Paws, Furry Tails and the RSPCA home are full to bursting with such creatures. They rely entirely on the generosity of the public to feed and care for them.

A donation to these hardworkign charities will ensure they can have some extra treats at Christmas jsut like our own much loved pets.

Josephine Harwood,

Moor Park Avenue,


Bloomfield marvellous

Superstar concert

Well done to Messrs Cuffe and Taylor for again bringing a globally recognised superstar to give a concert in Blackpool.

I, personally, will not be going to see Neil Diamond at Bloomfield Road, as I am not a fan.

But I have to concede this is going to make a lot of people really happy, and therefore I am happy for them.

Last year, Rod Stewart, this year Neil Diamond, we are being spoiled. Let’s hope the Seasiders’ pitch isn’t spoiled by the concerts though! Nevertheless it is a brillaint thing for our town and puts us on the showbiz map.

G Smith

North Shore

London rail link

Bad timings

Much as the new direct rail link betweeen Blackpool and the capital is to be welcomed, there does appear to be an abbreviated look to the actual train timings.

Already criticised for its exceptionally early start from Blackpool, (5.25am) I would now like to question why it has got a too early return from London?

Anyone such as myself seeing it as an opportunity to see a London theatre show would find it a bit of a tight squeeze fitting in a matinee and still getting to Euston for the return trip home. (4.33pm)

Would it upset the applecart – or rolling stock– too alarmingly if the return timing was made an hour or two later?

Neil Kendall

South Shore