Letters - December 10, 2014

Concerns have been raised about the safety of the junction between Station Terrace and Station Road.
Concerns have been raised about the safety of the junction between Station Terrace and Station Road.
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South Shore roads

Don’t kill trade

Recently those living in Station Terrace, Osbourne Road and Withnell Road received a letter from Blackpool Council wanting our response to their proposal to make these roads of ‘no through’ status.

This, I assume has come about as a result of a child being knocked down in Station Terrace, not so long ago.

The council’s letter however, doesn’t mention the accident but gives the solitary reason of traffic moving too fast coming into Station Terrace and the volume of traffic through these roads.

The question therefore, is how does fast traffic in Station Terrace (from Lytham or Osbourne roads?) relate to the other roads? It doesnt!

As for the volume of traffic through these roads – they share the same volume as the rest of the roads in South Shore that connect Lytham Road to the promenade. This traffic is essential for passing trade which the businesses need in this area and can be the difference between survival or not in this recession.

In respect of the safety issue, the normal M.O. of local authorities has been to impliment a 20 mph limit.

So why would they by-pass this obvious option for trade-killing action? It strongly suggests an ulterior motive for doing so.

Well, we do know that there has always been the proposed extension of the Pleasure Beach on the back burner and already the unwarranted landlord licence scheme aimed first at South Shore –among other reasons for ‘smelling a rat’ at what seems to be another attempt to put down trade. Compulsory purchases next perhaps?

Chris Wiseman

South Shore

Police commissioners

Waste of money

PCCs were introduced to replace police authorities. They can only be ousted at the ballot box every four years, unless convicted of a criminal offence.

This was kept hidden from the public at the time of their election.

After the Rotherham scandal broke leading to the initial refusal of police commissioner Shaun Wright to stand down, the Home Secretary said she was considering introducing recall powers for PCCs who were failing. The APCC is also considering the proposal.

PCCs were elected on a derisory turnout of around 11 per cent. The election cost millions. They earn around £85,000 per year plus perks.

Many, like Clive Grunshaw appointed one or more assistants at salaries of around £30,000. He has just dispensed with his.

The police watchdog, IPCC, has just released statistics that show that that more than half of the PCCs have been investigated by them in the past two years because of allegations of wrongdoing.

At a time of austerity, and given the evidence above, it is time these commissioners were abolished.

They were deeply flawed from the outset. Labour has pledged to scrap the posts, if elected. Nick Clegg also wants them to go.

What is needed in their place is increased local accountability, and higher standards. The savings can then be put into enhancing frontline policing.

Dr Barry Clayton


Public sector

It’s not our fault

Chancellor George Osborne has clearly warned us that more cuts to the public sector are on the way if his party gets voted in at the next election.

As a public sector worker I feel like it is me that is being blamed for the economic mire this country has found itself in since 2009 not the banks or politicians.

I work hard in social services doing a job that most people tend to sneer at.

If I and my colleagues in this country did not do this work someone would have to pick up the pieces and pay in one way or another for the mess left behind and the damaged lives.

There is always a bill to pay either literally or by society reverting to the standards we had in Victorian times, or situations that exist in parts of the USA even now. Surely there has to be another way rather than more cuts.

C Wilson


Charity help

Well done everyone

Thank you to Jackie Morley for including details of the location and opening times of Cards for Good Causes in her ‘Look at it this way’ article last Friday.

I called in today and was spoilt for choice!

Just a reminder – their shop is next to the Illuminasia and Winter Gardens side entrance – facing Victoria Street. They are open 10am to 3.30pm Monday to Saturday until December 17.

Diana Holden

Highcroft Ave.

Light not fantastic

Electricity waste

A streets lamp close to my property was upgraded earlier this year. Unlike the previous lamp this one is illuminated 24 hours a day.

When I reported the extravagant use of electricity I was told action would be taken.

That was three months ago.The lamp is still shining 24 hours a day.

Peter Whitehead