Letters - August 9, 2019

Brexit - what are your feelings about the future?
Brexit - what are your feelings about the future?
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Brexit debate needs well-placed sources

When politicians favouring Remain utter dire warnings about Brexit, their line may be dismissed as “Project Fear”.

However, the electorate ought to pay attention to the non-political specialists who are “at the sharp end” and have a clear view of what a no-deal Brexit will entail.

Sir Paul Nurse, Nobel Prize-winning scientist, warned Radio 4 listeners that a no-deal Brexit will do untold damage to British science.

He explained that, at present, UK science leads in many areas of European science.

Brexit will mean that we lose control rather than gain it.

In his judgement, the great majority of UK scientists are vehemently opposed to leaving the EU.

Similarly the Food and Drinks Federation recently issued a statement saying: “A no-deal Brexit would destroy (an opportunity for government/industry co-operation) and much more.

It will inflict serious and - in some cases mortal - damage on UK food and drink.

“Prices will rise, there will be significant shortages of some products, and disruption for shoppers and consumers will be far-reaching”.

Michael Gove’s notorious comment: “The country has had enough of experts” was frankly irresponsible.

We ignore at our peril these warnings from sources which are well-placed to judge.

John Cole

via email


It is a small price to pay for landmark

Waterloo bowling green needs £30,000 for essential repairs.

Our council spends fortunes on free breakfasts for schoolchildren, shelters for the homeless, centres for drug addicts and alcoholics, five million - and rising - for a tramway nobody wants or needs.

The Waterloo is the only purpose built crown green stadium in the world. Surely it is something we should be proud of and want to keep.

Over the years the various tournaments there must have attracted hundreds of thousands of players and spectators who stay over - often in quiet periods - spending money without any of the problems of stags, hens, young farmers etc. which our council seem eager to welcome.

In the whole scheme of things 30 grand is small change and it would be nice if the council stepped in and resolved this.

Tom Walmsley



We can’t laugh at US president

Will someone please tell me that those who say Boris Johnson is good for the UK have their tongues very firmly in their cheeks.

If they do not, here are a few details of exactly how good Boris has been in the past. He has been sacked as a columnist, for sending untrue reports into his paper.

He was responsible for the purchase of water cannon that was never used and sold at a loss of £300,000.

His was the bright idea of a garden bridge over the Thames. It never materialised but still cost £43,000,000.

As Foreign Secretary, he gave incorrect details about a prisoner held in Iran thus making her release even more unlikely. He published incorrect figures about money we would save if we came out of Europe.

I could go on but he is not worth the wear and tear on my fingers or PC. The trouble now is that we cannot laugh at Americans for voting for Trump, we have Johnson.

Valerie Andrews

St Annes on Sea


Join the walk to save lives

As someone who loves to walk, I’m proud to support Bowel Cancer UK’s Walk Together fundraiser. Every 15 minutes someone is diagnosed with bowel cancer. That’s over 42,000 people every year, which includes my dad, who has thankfully now recovered from the disease.

Walk Together is a sponsored walk that brings people from all ‘walks’ of life together to show our support for those undergoing treatment, remember loved ones and help stop people dying from bowel cancer.

You can take on a virtual five-mile walk at your own pace, or plan your own special Walk Together in your area.

Bowel cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the UK and the country’s second biggest cancer killer. However it shouldn’t be because it is treatable and curable especially if diagnosed early.

Sign up to Walk Together to receive a fundraising pack with everything you need to hold your own memorable walk and help ensure a future where nobody dies of bowel cancer: bowelcanceruk.org.uk/walktogether

Gaby Roslin

BBC broadcaster