Letters - August 9, 2018

Rivelin Valley Road, Sheffield. File picture.
Rivelin Valley Road, Sheffield. File picture.
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We all benefit from trees in our towns

Anyone during the hot spell would have taken the option of parking their car on a street under a tree’s canopy if possible, especially when the temperature could be 10°C cooler.

And especially when they have to consider the effects of heat on the vulnerable, the elderly, children and pets.

The shade from urban trees extends pavement life because it reduces the amount of expansion and contraction caused by 
the daily heating of the asphalt.

Would this not also apply to roads, especially where they are tree-lined on both sides?

Another study indicates that trees have a calming effect on teenagers and young adults suffering from ADHD.

Undoubtedly trees release social stress for all people – there are many links between the absence of trees and antisocial behaviour.

Researchers have, moreover, demonstrated that motorists suffer less road rage in green urban areas compared to more barren ones and that street trees can help make our towns safer. Fresh evidence of their benefits to urban life is constantly uncovered.

Wendy Jenrick

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Think very carefully before returning Ian

Well though the departure of Blackpool FC manager Gary Bowyer saddens me, what can I say when you have got owners like the Oystons?

Why don’t they just pack up and leave England, let alone Blackpool.

Well done Gary. To be honest I can’t believe that you stayed so long when your hands were tied. I would just like to say what a fantastic job you did. You will get another job no problem. And it will be with owners who respect the club. I wish you all the best.

As for Ian Holloway coming back... are you mad Ian? Please think before you consider it Ian.

Don’t get me wrong I would love to see you back but put in your contract that the Oystons have to leave town.

nigel morris

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No wonder we are 
a laughing stock

In reply to the letter by Colin Howorth ‘Hosepipe ban’, (Your Say, July 28) it is the private company United Utilities that Mr Howorth and others should be criticising.

With all the modern technology this company has they should have foreseen the weather ahead. United Utilities have done very little to save water.

The trouble is the people of this country are too complacent. No wonder we are becoming a laughing stock for other countries.

Paul Jones

Anchorsholme Lane


So, why can’t I use bus pass on tram?

My husband and I got on the tram at Talbot Square, to go to Cleveleys and I showed my bus pass to the conductor when he came round.

He looked at it and said “You can’t use these on the trams”.

When I asked why, he said Lancashire County Council hasn’t come to an agreement with Fylde Borough Council regarding the use of these passes on the trams. They can be used on Blackpool buses but not on the trams.

We were in St Annes yesterday, so I thought I’d call in at the council offices to ask them about it. The lady on reception was very pleasant but said I couldn’t use them on the trams.

She didn’t know why so I thought I’d ask the help of Gazette readers in finding out why.

After all, Wyre Borough residents can use them on the trams as can Blackpool residents, of course, so why are Fylde residents excluded?

Mrs J Geddes



Potential to boost county’s economy

As a Lancastrian business owner, I was delighted to hear that Cuadrilla has now been given the final approval it needs to get on with fracking at its Preston New Road site.

Shale gas has so much potential to benefit the whole Lancashire economy and that of the wider North West. I’m glad the Government sees this potential and agrees it can be done safely.

I look forward to hearing more about Cuadrilla’s successful flow tests in due course.

Emil Fernandes

Managing director