Letters - August 7, 2018

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Why no extra money for the Illuminations?

Blackpool has received a lot of money to support regeneration projects over the past 15 years – the tramway upgrade, Tower Headlands, Promenade sea wall defences and the Talbot Gateway, as well as the public purchasing of the Tower and Winter Gardens.

Sadly , major investment in the Illuminations has been overlooked. This is not a criticism of the Illuminations department, they do above and beyond with their ‘make do and mend’ budget.

So when the council was applying for various pots of government regeneration funding, why was the town’s most famous and much-needed tourist attraction so neglected?

It beggars belief that the council has approved a ludicrous application to extend the tramway just a short distance at the cost of £22m upwards. An extension that very few people (other than die hard tramway enthusiasts) will benefit from or are excited about, and will prove a huge waste of public money.

If Blackpool Council had applied for Lancashire Enterprise Partnership funding to support the Illuminations, that would have been a bright idea. An investment of, say, £10m would have helped create an ultra-modern attraction. A serious investment in the Illuminations would also attract large corporate sponsors to get involved in advertising with changeable LED technology.

The Illuminations department today is faced with an ageing display. The tight budget to maintain a light show of around seven miles is spread too thin.

The Illuminations are worth saving and deserve major regeneration investment. They could become the most talked about creative light show in the world and boost Blackpool’s reputation beyond expectation.

Stephen Pierre

Unity Music Arts Trust


Using the leash will not solve problem

I read with some disbelief the recent article concerning dogs on leads (The Gazette, July 28).

I feel the council is approaching this problem from the wrong direction. I do not believe the problem of dog faeces is due to dogs off leads. Sadly, in our society, there are a minority of irresponsible people. These people show their irresponsibility in many ways – driving, cycling, littering, and, of course, dog ownership.

It is my belief, that making all dog owners keep their dogs on a lead will NOT solve the problem of dog faeces not being picked up by their owners.

In my experience, the biggest problem with dog mess is on our pavements and footpaths, and I am sure that in these places the dogs ARE on leads. We do not see lots of stray dogs wandering our streets making this mess – so they must be on leads.

The responsible dog owner will always pick up wherever they are. Obviously, when your dog is off the lead the responsible owner watches carefully and is always aware of where their dog is and will pick up as necessary.

As a pensioner, I would not be physically capable of giving my dog sufficient exercise for her needs if I have to keep her on a lead. The imposition of compulsory leads in all the places mentioned in your article would lead to some very unhealthy, sad dogs.

The new restrictions will only penalise the vast majority of responsible dog owners and their well behaved dogs – and still not solve the problem.

Felicity Davis

Via email


Phones turn us into zombies

Dr Barry Clayton in his Gazette letter (July 23) doesn’t go far enough on the subject of smart phones.

We have already become a nation of zombies, totally mesmerised by the phone.

They are everywhere - even as I sat in the walk-in centre there were a dozen patients gawping into them.

Then, one moron caught my injured elbow with his, without so much as an apology.

Worst owners at fault are the parents who clearly can’t resist their kids’ entreaties. Standing at a bus stop recently I clearly heard one say to her friend “it’s this man – old as my dad – wants to meet me.”

She was all of 11.

Don’t parents appreciate their offspring’s vulnerability with these items of danger?

Neil Kendall

Stamford Avenue
South Shore


We must demand a ‘People’s Vote’

Enough is enough. Where are the leaders of the Brexit campaign now?

The leaders of the referendum, David Cameron and Nigel Farage, left the campaign as soon as votes were counted. David Davis and Boris Johnson resigned when the going got tough.

The four key posts of the Government are all held by Ministers who voted Remain

The British people need, and must demand, a “People’s Vote” so they can choose between the final Brexit deal or staying in the EU.

Anthony Gledhill

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