Letters - August 6, 2018

Water fountains in St John's Square
Water fountains in St John's Square
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Fountains aren’t the only white elephants

Tonight’s newspaper had a story headlined “Fountains stay dry as mystery goes on” (Gazette, August 1).

In truth, the water fountains at the heart of the much-heralded £3.5m revamp of St John’s Square in the town centre have not been working for more than 18 months.

The real “mystery” is why it has taken 18 months to try to repair them.

With all this lovely, exceptional weather we have enjoyed over the past two months, St John’s Square should have been filled with the laughter of young children enjoying the fountains.

This story brought to mind the other white elephant that Blackpool Council provided on Seasiders Way.

Of course, I’m referring to those two climbing walls.

Has anyone seen anyone actually climbing these structures?

And while I’m at it, has anybody in town seen anyone sitting on any of those benches situated in the middle of the dual carriageway in Layton?

And please don’t get me going on the silliest project yet.

Yes, I mean the tram track up Talbot Road to North Station.

Even the charity shops are closing.

Come on Blackpool Council, do try harder.

Mike Picewicz

Warbreck Hill Road


Ribble Link Trust did all of the work

Having read the article by Bob Clare on the Ribble Link (Walks & Trips, Gazette, July 28), I would like to request that Bob be advised that his article is factually incorrect.

The Lancaster Canal Boat Club and the Lancaster Canal Trust did not receive any funding from the Millennium Commission, and had very little, if anything, to do with the building and promoting of the Ribble Link.

All the work and promotion was done by the Ribble Link Trust, of which I am the chairman, and both myself and the committee worked tirelessly to raise the £5.4 million which was required to complete the project.

Should Bob or anyone wish to write articles on this subject I would request that they contact me and I will give them the correct facts

Cliff Fazackerley

Chairman, Ribble Link Trust

Bob Clare writes: While I carefully researched my introduction to John Hargreaves’s walk using the Ribble Link Trust website (www.ribblelink.co.uk) and a detailed article on Wikipedia I did not make it clear that the supervision, promotion and creation of link itself was due to the hard work of Cliff and the members of the Ribble Link Trust. I apologise that that omission and take this opportunity to thank them for establishing a superb amenity to be enjoyed by boaters, anglers, walkers and cyclists.


Get creative in the park this summer

Gazette readers might like to know about the next exciting project taking place in Highfield Park.

On two Wednesdays, August 15 and August 29, youngsters aged from 11 to 15, living in the FY4 area, can take part in a Pallet Art Painting Workshop with Mr Dee & Boz.

The two sessions will run from 1pm – weather permitting – and places are limited.

The two sessions have been sponsored by the Blackpool Coastal Housing Tenants Association, who the Friends of the park are most grateful for their involvement.

If anyone is interested please ring Karen on Tel 01253 442252 or 07905371947 or email friendsofhighfieldroadpark@virginmedia.com with your name, address and contact details.

We look forward to running another popular event on the park, all the new artwork will be on display in the park following the art workshops.

Karen Pennington

Secretary of the Friends of Highfield Road Park


Anti-frackers are seen as terrorists

I’ve just read that a 14-year-old was referred to the terrorist reform program ‘Prevent’ for signing an online petition and attending protests against fracking.

Therefore, it seems that if you’re anti-fracking, you’re seen as potentially becoming a terrorist.

This further shows the bias of the government for this polluting, Victorian-style energy generation process, an industry in 
which profit can only be gained by giving the companies tax breaks and not charging them for pollution caused.

Empathetic reader

address supplied