Letters - August 3, 2019

Are you restricted in what you can eat?
Are you restricted in what you can eat?
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Russian roulette with people’s lives

Having travelled around the country, attending various functions, I am very concerned at what I see regarding food allergies and labelling.

I am allergic to mustard and fall foul of this where ham sandwiches are offered with mustard – but have no warning.

You get people asking for gluten-free products.

A plate of sandwiches may appear to be gluten-free, but there is always the possibility of cross- contamination.

It’s an area of concern at buffets, hot-dog and burger vans and even some cafés and restaurants.

This is a game of Russian roulette with people’s lives and it cannot be too long before there are more deaths.

Bob Shimwell

via email


Climate change protests unjustified

The Earth’s climate has been changing, due to natural influences, ever since the atmosphere was created and will continue to do so.

The variation is cyclic and eventually the current warm period will turn into another cold period.

The question of man-made global warming revolves around the effect of greenhouse gas emissions on these natural temperature variations.

Weather prediction and climate change has been attempted for a long time, but it was only in the 1990s, with a sharp increase in the average global temperature, that the science of climate change took off.

Now there are at least 29 major climate models - theoretical explanations - but most have significant deficiencies.

The United Nations’ intergovernmental panel on climate change bases its forecasts on the simple average of all 29 models.

However, one of the 29, a Russian model, is reported to be superior to the rest.

This model has been recently updated and now even predicts the pause in global warming that was witnessed from 2002-14.

It is thus puzzling why the IPCC continues to make forecasts based on the average method.

A notable feature of the Russian method is it predicts less global warming than the average method.

Also, in the UK, we cannot significantly alter global carbon dioxide amounts, because the UK only contributes two per cent of emissions.

Spending ever more UK taxpayers’ money on reducing carbon dioxide emissions is thus pointless.

The claim of a mass extinction through global warming also appears to be a gross exaggeration.

The actions of extinction protesters stopping ordinary people from going about their business are thus totally unjustified.

MA McCormick

via email


Space radio tales from yesteryear

Regarding the letter from Mr P Spence (Your Say, July 31), it really took me back to the old days.

I got a great deal of joy listening to Journey Into Space. Mr Spence and me are around the same age, as I am 73, so we will both have listened to the same programme.

I listened to the programme on an old wireless that said RAF on the front and it had a plug for an old pair of Bakelite earphones.

I have a list of the cast that played the characters

in that programme I so hope that you are interested?

Captain Jet Morgan, Andrew Faulds, Lemmy, Alfie Bass, Mitch, Don Sharp, Doc, Guy Kingsley Poynter and two other crew - David Jacobs and Alan Tilvern.

The programme was written and produced by Charles Chilton.

Mr M Allen

Address supplied


I will fight against Universal Credit

Our MP must end his state of denial and listen to the stark evidence in the report from the APPG on Universal Credit clearly evidencing that the social security system under his government is pushing so many people into poverty, rather than protecting them from it.

Something has gone badly wrong when people are being forced to turn to foodbanks, in ever increasing numbers, and well over three million children growing up in poverty live in working families.

Food banks across Blackpool are in the highest demand they’ve ever been.

Many families are particularly vulnerable during the summer months, because they can no longer rely on school meals to ensure that their children don’t go hungry.

As our MP I will fight to stop the roll out of Universal Credit, end in-work poverty and ensure that our social security system treats people with dignity and respect, to supporting any one of us in our time of need.

Chris Webb

Labour’s Candidate for Blackpool North & Cleveleys