Letters - August 18, 2015

Protesters outside the Fracking meeting at County Hall in Preston
Protesters outside the Fracking meeting at County Hall in Preston
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Fracking plans should be quicker

The Government is right to limit the time councils can take to decide on shale gas applications to 16 weeks. Lancashire County Council’s Development Control Committee took almost 12 months to turn down shale gas applications which could have benefited the economy of Lancashire.

Cuadrilla invested in my career when I was unemployed after leaving the army and equipped me with the skills I needed to work in the oil and gas industry. I was born in Blackpool and worked locally at Cuadrilla’s sites at Anna’s Road, Preese Hall, Grange Hill and Becconsall.

It’s in the UK and Lancashire’s interest for shale gas exploration to finally begin. It’s good news that the government recognise this and want to ensure the planning system works as it should so important applications can be decided on within a sensible time frame.

In rejecting the applications in June, Lancashire County Council’s Development Control Committee sent the message that Lancashire is closed for business. I hope this new time frame set out by the Government will ensure the whole application process works better and runs much more smoothly.

Neil Harrison

Thornton Cleveleys


Government right 
on fracking

The Government’s announcement to speed up a local council’s decision making on shale gas applications is welcome news. As someone who spoke in favour of both Cuadrilla’s planning applications at the Development Control Committee meetings at County Hall in Preston I’m relieved that the Government understands the need to shorten the time councils can take.

It took Lancashire County Council over a year to make a decision which in my view dismissed the recommendations set out in the officers’ report and dismissed legitimate legal advice. I understand committee members were under pressure but it took 12 months for them to make a decision which stops Lancashire people benefiting from the positive impact shale would have on local business and jobs.

The Government have said they will intervene after 16 weeks and this is right. It’s not messing with the planning system as some have said; it’s just getting it to work properly. Why should a decision which could benefit the whole of the UK’s energy supply, provide local jobs and boost the local economy be dragged out longer than necessary? Let’s hope other regions now won’t have a 12 month wait like Lancashire did.

Tony Raynor

Abbey Telecom Ltd

Clifton Drive South

St Annes


Water problems... a taste of the future?

Fracking has caused problems with drinking water in America, so perhaps our present water problem might be just a taste of what might come if Cuadrilla gets their way with their appeal from the Government.

I am concerned that there may be a danger of the chemicals that they use for fracking may leach from ground into the rivers and bore holes.

I wonder if our Queen has an opinion on fracking in her county.

Name and address supplied

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Many thanks to backpack hero

Could you help us please?

My wife and I were holidaying in St Annes when I inadvertently left my backpack in Wood Street car park on Wednesday August 12.

When I realised and returned around 20 minutes later the bag was no longer there and among the contents were our motor home keys.

We reported it to the police the morning after because the station was shut that evening.

Later that day the police rang us to say the bag had been handed in but did not take any details of the kind person.

When we received the bag the contents were all there including money but more importantly our keys

We would like to sincerely show our appreciation and thanks for this act of kindness

It truly is a breath of fresh air to know there are people with morals, integrity and a willingness to go out of their way to help others. Thank you so much. Please, please pass on your details to the paper.

Gareth and Kay

Address supplied



My mum Sandra was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of 54 – a scary and heartbreaking time.

She’s one of more than 100,000 people living with MS in the UK – it’s a devastating condition with no cure. People with MS might be fine one day but the next they might lose their sight or be unable to move.

The MS Society is a world-leading funder of research into the condition. The UK charity is fighting to improve treatment and care to help people with MS take control of their lives.

It has already made important breakthroughs and this is now the start of a generation of MS research that holds incredible promise. I’m supporting the charity by getting involved in ChallengeMS – a fund-raising event happening throughout September – all the money raised will go towards that vital research. With ChallengeMS people can do anything from wearing an orange wig, to giving something up to hosting an event like a coffee morning.

I’d love your readers to join me and support the MS Society – they can find out more by going to www.challengems.org.uk

With your support, we will beat MS.

Scott Mills

BBC Radio 1 presenter and 
MS Society supporter