Letters - August 16, 2019

Are there any times you don't use a mobile phone?
Are there any times you don't use a mobile phone?
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No conversation worth putting lives at risk

We are delighted that the Transport Committee is recommending an overhaul of the mobile phones law, and that it is asking the Government to consider banning hands-free phones.

This is something we have been advocating for years as there is clear evidence that talking on the phone makes you less likely to spot hazards ahead, meaning you are a danger to yourself and other road users.

The number of people being killed or seriously injured due to distractions from mobiles have been steadily increasing since 2011, and in 2017, 43 people lost their lives.

That’s 43 families left without their loved ones, because someone was on the phone. That’s completely unacceptable, and the Government must take action.

The current law is not fit for purpose, as it is too narrow in scope and was not designed to take account of, or keep pace with, developments in mobile phone technology. There are also several studies which repeatedly show that hands-free conversations are just as distracting, and can be as dangerous, as drink-driving, so any new law should take this into account. Just because hands-free phones are legal, doesn’t mean they are safe.

The Government should also address the urgent need for more road police, to ensure any new laws are practically enforceable.

In the meantime, we appeal to everyone to stay off their phones, whether handheld or hands-free, while behind the wheel.

No conversation is worth putting other people’s lives at risk.

Nick Lloyd

RoSPA’s acting head of road safety


Retro weekend for all the family

This weekend at Lytham is a celebration of the 1930s and 40s wartime entertainment.

Why not hire an outfit that befits the period in our history? Military or civilian, the choice is yours.

The event features military re-enactments, demonstrations of aircraft, and not forgetting ‘The Parade’ along the seafront, led by none other than Sir Winston Churchill.

Other activities are tea dances, songs from The Andrews Sisters, and the recitation of famous wartime speeches. It’s an enlightening event, suitable for families. Come along Saturday and/or Sunday (Lytham Green and town centre).

Wilf Riley

via email


Do you want to save money?

BBC One’s Eat Well for Less? is back and we are looking for households to take part.

Do you spend far too much on your weekly food shop? Perhaps you’re desperate to save but under pressure to keep providing the household favourites?

Or do your health requirements affect your diet? Are you in need of some new inspiration?

Are you battling with fussy eaters, repetitive uninspiring meals and food shopping chaos?

Or maybe you are just bored of buying and cooking the same foods every week?

We’re looking for families / households who want to find out how to save.

Get in touch to apply or find out more!

Call 0117 970 7628 or email eatwell@rdftelevision.com

Kat Healy

BBC assistant producer


Blind leading the blind on Brexit

Brexit is killing this country with the blind leading the blind.

A likely recession to come, pound crashing to lowest level since the 80s – yes, we are going great.

The Tory ideological project will harm me, the working class, the most, but never mind, as long as we leave, no matter the damage, that’s all that counts right?

Brendon Bremner Sullivan

via email


No wonder the elite back Brexit

The pound is at its lowest level in 10 years, the economy is shrinking, the UK is facing recession and politics is in chaos.

Meanwhile hedge fund manager Crispin Odey, who contributed over £800,000 to the pro-Brexit campaign, has reportedly made £220m from the fall in sterling and is now “betting” £300m on shares crashing post Brexit.

Surely this raises questions as to why our political elite are so keen to push through Brexit, and where their real interests lie?

Phil Cray

Address supplied