Letters - August 12, 2019

Is Jo Swinson really the leader of a democratic party, asks S. Wheatley
Is Jo Swinson really the leader of a democratic party, asks S. Wheatley
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Liberals - but not Democrats

I have never seen a single episode of Game of Thrones or Love Island, never played Fortnite or any other video game and only once, reluctantly, used a ‘hole in the wall’!

I struggle with a computer and smart phone. I’m a pedant for grammar, enjoy cryptic crosswords and am always punctual.

I am aware that this places me in a very specific ‘demographic’ – the ‘mostly bemused but happy middle-aged rural dweller’ category.

The cause of my current bemusement is, of course, Brexit.

In particular, I am bemused by the Liberal Democratic Party, formerly the Social and Liberal Democrats – formed from the Liberal Party and members of the Social Democratic Party in 1988.

As we know, the United Kingdom voted democratically in June 2016 to leave the EU by a majority of 52 per cent against 48 per cent.

In July 2019, when Jo Swinson was elected to lead the Liberal Democrats, she stated her intention “to do whatever it takes to stop Brexit”.

This was clearly a decision to obstruct, if possible, the wishes of the majority of the electorate of the United Kingdom.

We all need a goal in life and if that’s Ms Swinson’s raison d’etre – crack on!

The reason for my current bemusement is in continuing to call her party the Liberal Democrats.

I wonder if they should all get together, have a chat and possibly revert to just being Liberals as they’re clearly not Democrats!

Just saying...

S Wheatley

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No respect for scruffy men

I shall be grateful if and when the awful fashion of beards and man buns is over.

To see middle-aged men with greying stubble round their chops and even man buns, which they think is attractive but which, in fact, makes them look old and scruffy.

It especially annoys when the fashion is worn by policemen or others, other than sailors, who wear a uniform for work. Firstly, they look scruffy and secondly, they look unkempt.

Just how anyone can respect them, I fail to understand.

Peter Hyde

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Celebrity petfuneral step too far’

Jennifer Aniston and her ex-husband Justin Theroux held a pet funeral and posted pictures on social media of “an incense-laden funeral with family and friends shown alongside the body of the dead pet”.

This is surely a step too far.

We all know that the life of a pet and the love of a pet is precious, but it cannot be compared with the life and love of a human being.

It seems that the world has truly gone mad when one animal charity has more money bequeathed to it than the wonderful charities of the NSPCC and Barnados combined, or that another animal charity has more funding than the charity for war heroes. We must always put the life and welfare of humans first before the life and welfare of our animals, which must be our own personal responsibility.

There are so many groups of humans who need help in our sometimes sad world: those who have lost homes; those who have no access to clean water or to education.

We can and should channel our money in that direction.

Ruth Pickles

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Stronger and safer together

Our Prime Minister seems to think that he is Britain’s fairy-godmother who will wave his magic wand and all will be wonderful when we have left the EU at the end of October.

Last week, the head of the Bank of England said if we leave with a no deal it could cause havoc. The cost of living will increase, and some businesses will close down. Unemployment will also rise.

The country is in a mess, with the North and South and families and friends divided.

I voted to remain, not just for myself, but for the future of my children, and my grand-children.

We are stronger and safer together.

It will take over 50 years to recover, and how many general elections will that happen?

John Wildie

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