Letters - August 12, 2015

Final of the Young Engineers competition.  Francis Egan from Cuadrilla.
Final of the Young Engineers competition. Francis Egan from Cuadrilla.
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Cuadrilla aren’t welcome here

Many thanks to Roy Lewis (Your Say, August 7) for his many words of truth about the dangers to the community if fracking is allowed to go ahead and our government again denies every one of us against it our democratic rights.

In the same issue, Francis Egan bleats on about his plans to re locate Cuadrilla’s HQ “to show continued commitment to exploration for shale gas in Lancashire”.

What does he know that the rest of us don’t? The vast majority of the people are against it, the council at all levels have turned it down, the NUT are against it becouse of the near location of two primary schools. Park Hall leisure company are on the site doorstep, what will gas drilling do to their business?

Something about this whole relocation business stinks.

David Nicholls

Elder Close



Water bug scare a taste of frack future

One of the warnings, (or scare stories dependent on your point of view), that the anti-fracking community frequently makes is the danger of water contamination by fracking fluid.

A wide range of illustrious and knowledgeable people have echoed this warning. However, it can be hard to imagine and picture such a scenario.

The United Utilities warning about cryptosporidium and boiling water gives a “taste” or reminder of how precious our water supply is, but how much we take it for granted.

I am sure that United Utilities will get this problem sorted out in a short time and the inconvenience will be transitory. However, if there was a fracking water incident then it could not be sorted out in a number of days.

For the doubters, I suggest they Google one of the articles on fracking by Emeritus Professor of Geology, Glasgow University, David Smyth.

Barry Warner



Cuadrilla commit a mistake with move

I read with interest the decision by Cuadrilla to move its headquarters to this area.

I feel that in the circumstances this is highly presumptuous. I saw that Mr Egan, the CEO feels that this is all part “of Cuadrilla’s commitment to Lancashire”.

I thought that the people of Lancashire had already given a pretty clear indication of what they think of this “commitment” .

Rowland Taylor

Lytham St Annes


Join association for Trieste veterans

The British Element Trieste Force Association was formed in 2004 for those ex-servicemen who served in the Free Territory of Trieste from1945 and 1954.

Although our average age is now 85 we are still hoping to recruit new members.

There are opportunities to meet old colleague through the quarterly magazine and association website. Trips to Trieste have been arranged, and area meetings are held in various parts of the country. A visit to the National Memorial Arboretum is planned to coincide with the eighth anniversary of re-forming association.

If you are interested in knowing more, get in touch with me by phone on 01665 589289, by email dagriggs@btinternet.com or write to Suilven, Ellingham. Chathill. Northumberland NE67 5HA.

David Griggs

British Element Trieste Force Association


Thriller brought a lump to the throat

I would very much like to thank whomever was responsible for organising the air show on Sunday. It was thrilling!

The first plane, a Typhoon, bought a lump to my throat. I am not sure if it was terror or excitement, but I wouldn’t like to have it bombing me. The Vulcan, too, was an experience for most of us and the commentary very informative.

Too see so many thousands of people having a wonderful time, with picnics and children playing on the sands, even though the puddles they were jumping in must have been freezing, made our day superb. Thank you!

Marilyn Simpson




A degree is not the only key to success

Over the next month, thousands of potential students from across Lancashire will be considering whether university is the right route for them.

The average debt for a student leaving university is now about £53,000, and with maintenance grants being converted to loans by the government this figure will rise even further. However, not wanting to burden yourself with this level of debt doesn’t mean a professional career is beyond you.

Many professional bodies such as the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) don’t require a degree. You can work while you study, earning valuable experience, and once completed you will have a professional qualification.

In today’s job market, three years’ experience gained while studying for a qualification could put you ahead of your peers.

Carol Helm

ACCA Lancs & Cumbria Members’ Network Chair