Letters - April 9, 2018

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It’s only natural for gulls to steal food

I write regarding the letter in Your Say headlined ‘Gulls are in the same category as rats’ (Gazette, April 3).

Mike Mogilnicki attacks me because I see the gulls and seagulls differently from him, but if you know the gulls are starving and desperate, why not give them some food?

Peter Rock, who is Europe’s leading expert on seagulls and gulls says the birds are not thugs.

Mr Mogilnicki should not use children, lambs, sheep to weaken my argument, putting blame on me for all the problems.

Granted, gulls do snatch food from humans. Also pet cats kill birds. In the newspapers the same day as Mr Mogilnicki’s letter appeared, I read pupils as young as four years old are biting, scratching and gouging eyes of teachers.

Now I would not hate the children, cats and seagulls, I would try and understand their bad behaviour and help them to improve it. Seagulls snatch food, starving, children have temper tantrums, cats kill birds – it’s nature.

Mr Mogilnicki, it seems you and I see the world differently due to our life experience and education.

I know that the future for gulls and seagulls in Blackpool and the Fylde coast looks bleak, and there will be starvation or culling ahead for them.

The birds are looking at the end of freedom in our world.

Pat O’Connor

Portland Road


Resort is looking back, not forward

It was very interesting to read the pages of Memory Lane this week (Gazette, April6).

One article related how, 25 years ago, Blackpool gained a direct air service to London which ran three times a week and you would be in the capital in just one hour four minutes – the Fylde Flyer was named after the Gazette’s racehorse.

Just proves it would seem that Blackpool is going back instead of looking to the future.

name and address supplied


We’re shaking off the EU shackles

How strange it is that the Remainers are clamoring for a second referendum because they say the public were misled by the Leave campaign.

I don’t remember us being allowed a second referendum when we found out we had all been lied to when we were told that joining the Common Market (now EU) was just for trading purposes only.

Had we been told the truth that it would affect our sovereignty and we would lose the right to decide our laws in our own Parliament, the outcome in the 1975 Referendum would have been vastly different and the vote would certainly not have been 60 per cent in favour of remaining.

What a sad bunch of people the doom and gloom Remainers are as they lack pride in our country and confidence in the ability of Great Britain to stand on its own two feet.

We should all be celebrating the fact that we are finally shaking off the shackles of Brussels and will be able to once again govern ourselves, not be dictated to by people who do not have our interests at heart. New and exciting opportunities lie ahead for our country so let’s fly our flag with pride and rejoice!

Susan Richardson

Address supplied


We don’t want to leave in name only

It has been mooted by the Brexit Select Committee that Britain should remain in the European Economic Area and follow the Norwegian model after we leave the EU.

Well that is Brexit in name only and not leaving as voted for by the majority of the public. If we remain in the EEA then Britain would have to pay the EU annual tribute money, obey a large proportion of EU laws, and have open borders to EU citizens.

The Remainers, who form the majority of the Commons’s Brexit Select Committee, are still fighting a rearguard action and Brexit is being betrayed, with plans being laid so we do not really leave and groundwork established for the UK to re-join in the years to come.

Only UKIP stands for a full and complete exit from the EU and we are needed now as much as ever.

Paul Nuttall

North West MEP
UK Independence Party


I can’t play, but I know the rules

I am available for Test selection. I can’t bat, bowl or field but I am honest.

Dennis Fitzgerald

via email