Keith Mercer - Swings and Magic Roundabouts

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MORE managers are biting the dust. What is it with these club owners?

Is there another job in the world where you get sacked for not producing the goods but get bundles of dosh for the privilege?

I hear Roy Hodgson’s pay-off was in the region of £4m.

It must be the only career in which you get paid for failing, then walk straight into another position almost straight away. It’s like a Magic Roundabout!

Would you be bothered about the sack if you received that sort of money? I know I wouldn’t lose any sleep.

When the season kicked off, I predicted the first manager to go would be that chap Martini – or something like that – at Wigan. Was I wrong?

So who will be next ? I am certain it won’t be our illustrious leader Mr Ian Holloway – don’t want to put the mockers on him, though.

But take this one on board – could one of the big boys come in for him? You never know. We talk about players moving in the January window, so why not successful managers? Just a thought.

It makes me laugh that managers who haven’t got a job and are waiting for the phone to ring still manage to earn even more dough as pundits on TV. Am I jealous? Too right I am.

One appointment I was pleased to see was the ex-Hull manager Phil Brown getting the job at PNE.

I think he will do a far better job than young Ferguson, who I never rated in the first place.

I see he might be going back to Peterborough, who sacked him last year. Amazing, isn’t it?

I do think your name helps you get a manager’s job, especially if you have been a great player: Dalglish, Bruce, Keane and Ince are four on the Magic Roundabout.

To be fair to them, they obviously work very hard and have taken their coaching badges. I never did mine and there’s only one person to blame ... yours truly.