"It’s so sad but at least if there’s a bar, I can play in there again" - Your reaction to Blackpool Tower's 'The Fifth Floor' replacing Jungle Jims

This first exclusive look at Blackpool Tower’s newest attraction which is due to open in September was revealed earlier this week.

By James Graves
Wednesday, 7th August 2019, 12:39 pm
How the new bar will look
How the new bar will look

Replacing the Jungle Jims play area, the new development, which will be called The Fifth Floor, is a family entertainment space which will combine a stage and function room.

The Gazette was shown around the new attraction by Tower general manager Kenny Mew who explained the idea behind the development.

He said: “We have looked at our business and obviously wanted to develop something our visitors wanted so we decided to turn it into a family entertainment space so we can use it as multi-purpose for example conferencing, banqueting and shows. But it’s something the whole family can get involved with and enjoy.

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How the new bar will look

This is what Gazette readers had to say:

"Bang goes taking little ones to the Tower. Nothing now for kids who wont sit for the circus, a lot of childhood memories ruined with this project. Our family wont be visiting again - we shall admire from the outside in future."

Adele White

"I'm fuming they got rid of Jungle Jim's! I miss the feral ten-year-olds running wild over the toddlers, the greenhouse temperatures, squashed chips on the floor, and the faint smear of tomato ketchup on everything."

The project replaces Jungle Jims

David Cornes

"It’s so sad but at least if there’s a bar, I can play in there again! I do feel so sorry for kids now though with none of the amazing play places that we used to have."

Sharon Hugh

"Guaranteed 90 per cent of people complaining it’s shut because it’s no longer commercially viable never took children or grandchildren there on regular basis. It’s a business. Like any other business it will close if nobody spends money there. They can't and don't operate for free."

Chris Smith

"So much for heritage, I would of thought a restored roof garden would have been an attraction in its own right"

Alan Spencer

"Isn't this generation allowed to make their own heritage? Prefer to look forward, not back."

Victoria Banks

"The original jungle Jim's was the best. Shouldn't of changed it. Numbers wouldn't have gone down"

Louise Hiller

"Lots of negativity on here. Like everything else the world keeps changing, new rules, new demands and greater expectations. I too loved the original Jungle Jims as a child and will always remember the memories. Great work guys, new project looks amazing, exited to see the finished results."

Malissa Paterson

"What a shame. Yes Jungle Jim’s was outdated but it gave thousands of children great pleasure. Why the need to close it for a bar and meeting room instead of making a new exciting play area for children."

Rachel Large

"I can understand them looking to change it if visitor numbers are dropping. However, I fail to see how changing it into another bar, the likes of which Blackpool has many that you can get into for a much lower price is going to do anything but push visitor numbers lower."

Paul Hayhurst