It’ll be a year of massive change

Tramway extension on Talbot Road
Tramway extension on Talbot Road
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I’m not one for new year’s resolutions. I could never keep them, and besides, the goalposts of expectation keep moving, so I’m on a hiding to nothing before I start.

That said, 2019 promises to be a massive year of change for all of us. We’ve got Brexit just around the corner. It’s still on as I write, yet who knows how things are going to pan out in the first quarter as politicians realise there are local elections in May.

Ah yes, it’s election year again here on the Fylde coast. It’s a chance for all those keyboard warriors who spend most nights slamming everything that’s going on, to actually put their money where their mouth is and put their name down to be a councillor so they can do the job better. I wonder if they will?

The People’s Republic of Facebook never returned any local councillors to make decisions in their interest and make it happen, but that won’t stop people trying.

What I WILL say though, is watch out who is feeding you the information, you’ll need to make an informed decision when you go to the polls this spring. Remember, everyone has come back after the Christmas break on an election footing, and everything they say in the Gazette, on social media and on the radio between now and May 3 will be with that in mind. You’re sharp enough to make sure you can separate the facts from the points scoring exercise.

Locally there will be much to mark the year. The new conference centre will become reality which should really give us some confidence business wise. Several high profile events are already booked in and remember, all the delegates from other towns come armed with expenses they can’t wait to spend locally. More hotels are coming. It’s a double edged sword of course and Claire Smith at Stay Blackpool finds herself in a difficult position... welcoming the investment, yet needing to protect the interests of her local hoteliers.

Then there’s the tram extension. One day no one will talk about Talbot Road, in the same way nobody now talks about the upheaval on the Prom nine years ago. Whether it will have a similar effect at the ballot box though remains to be seen.